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Hand Map Healing™ Workshop: Turn Your Power UP

8 July 2020.

  • Turn Yourself On

  • Turn Yourself On at Home

  • Become Your Own Best Friend

  • Inject Energy Into You Again!

  • Don’t Let Emotional Weight Keep You From Losing Kilo’s

  • Be Worshipped by Him

  • Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women


You’re getting Lighter as the World get’s Heavier

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Have you noticed that you're feeling LIGHTER? How is that possible when the 3D world…

Be Soft with Yourself x

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If you grew up working hard for love, working hard to be seen and understood…

The Antidote to Feeling Blah…

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Another layer of illusion/enjoyment of the Matrix has peeled off us - can you feel…

Turn On!

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If it doesn't turn you ON? It's not for you! Even if it looks good…