Marina is a powerful healer, who I highly recommend to anyone wanting to deeply know themselves and how to share their gifts in the world.  

I recently had a couple of  Theta Healing sessions with Marina and Wow!! What a homecoming! Marina had laser sharp vision in identifying the ways I self-sabotaged or boxed myself in and was able to quickly help me burst out of there into a life of joy and fulfilment.  I love that she is not afraid of the shadows or to tell it like it is in the most loving way and that she always has my higher self and aspirations in mind. I felt deeply recognised and that she was totally rooting for me and this allowed me to go so much further in the process.  Sessions with her are cosmic gold dust grounded in earthly womanly wisdom. Thank you awesome lady!

Cristina, England

She held the space for me to release…

I’ve been honoured with having a healing by Marina. Marina’s approach is extremely gentle, yet powerful. She held the space for me to release, what for me, was a huge block. Her insight and ability to articulate exactly what was and how it unfolded, is truly wonderful. I highly recommend Marina J.


When I look back to late last year I actually don’t know how I was carrying on…

Before I began coaching with Marina I was held together with string – I was anxious, nervous and had been over-training so much I was losing muscle and had an injury. I was frazzled. 🙁 I was making bad decisions.

Since coaching with Marina I am now calmer, I am happy 🙂 my children are calmer. I have a healthier relationship with training. I mainly make good decisions! The hottest thing about me now I’ve fallen in love with every last bit of me? Is that I’m so fucking HOT and my new boyfriend thinks the same! And I know how to let him love me because I love me. I now focus on me, have time for me, focus on self-love and self-compassion.

When I look back to late last year I actually don’t know how I was carrying on… I have come so far. I’ve never been happier! 🙂 I’m going to celebrate myself this week by remembering how far I have come – to keep smiling and to have an amazing weekend with my new hot boyfriend!


Marina is an amazing Soul who facilitates others to wake up to their own truth! 

I’m glad I did a session with her and will do it again. It was such a joy. Marina has a most profound natural wisdom and sense of cosmic order, enabling her to access the energies needed for the highest forms of healing and personal alignment. Thank you for sharing your gift Marina! “I love You, I honour You, I thank You and I respect You”


Your membership site; Goddess, You’re Home has

Taught me So Much!  WOW! 

How to Be a Better Version of Myself and A Better Human Being
I Find it a Real Joy Being Part of This Group
Lots of Confidence
Support Towards my Goals
Relationship Advice
All-round Advice
Given me Emotional Support
Changed my Mindset
Made me More Independent
Has Loyalty and Support from Marina and the Other Goddesses
Given me a High Sense of Worth
Made me Feel Validated
Made me Feel Appreciated
Made me Stronger Inside
How to Heal Myself from Within
Helps me Stay Aware and also Assertive with the Bullies I Encounter.  At least I do not feel so Alone and Now Have a Way to Process and Heal each time

It helps stop me procrastinating and makes me much more proactive to be creative regarding my musical journey

I Enjoy my Life Journey and Musical Journey with this Group cheering me on!  It is Helping me to Blossom and Become Who I am Meant to Be!


I’ve always had trouble feeling like there was a “me”. It was never that I had “lost my old self” or felt that I had lost something. But more that I never really knew who I was.

I had been seeking therapy for years and I still felt absent. Feeling lost isn’t really a phrase to describe it either. Just never “really there.” When I met Marina, I still have no words to describe the experience now as I write this, she didn’t “find the old me” but rather gave me a new life.

Marina wasn’t just someone I gushed all my problems to once a week. Without a doubt Marina was there and will even continue to be there (even after we’ve parted ways for now) for me through everything. She is genuine, honest, extremely diligent and exceptionally authentic.

Before Marina I was unable to cope with the most basic everyday stresses. I wasn’t feeling this way for a short period of time either, this was years upon years. I now wake up excited, to be honest sometimes I don’t even know what about, and that’s the most beautiful thing about it. I wake up feeling love in my heart and my absolute self. I’ve struggled to write this for a long time, because no words seem to do Marina justice. She is by all means, an amazingly life changing person.


I have been working with Marina J for a couple of months now as well as taking advantage of her online Goddess Your Home video series.

After playing in the Goddess Rooms, on the membership site, I find Marina to be AMAZING!!! Her energy and ease with which she conducts these videos is so inspiring and natural. You always get the feeling that she is talking only to YOU. She’s speaks into the camera with sudden pauses asking for the viewer to participate and then chimes in as if the session were live! I leave these videos as refreshed as a live session and if that weren’t enough, she has PDF downloads for further self-care if one desires. Truly a wealth of information and guidance. Can’t thank you enough for helping me get to the next level and it’s just the beginning! 🙂

Much love


When I first came to Marina, I knew where I wanted to be in life, I just didn’t know how to get there. I knew I was so much bigger than the life I was living.

I’d had these dreams for years, big dreams, but how to make them come true? One day I passed an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years and she looked – happy. I mean REALLY happy. I asked her what she’d been doing and she said, “I saw a life coach, Marina J a couple of years ago, and it’s the BEST thing I ever did!” I contacted Marina straight away, and whilst I felt really nervous, I also knew she was the right person for me.

Her mix of fun, deep healing coaching sessions and razor sharp intuition skyrocketed me from my old life into my new very amazing life! I worked for it, I did everything she set me and I now I find myself here and I feel teary as I write this. I now live a life that excites me! I am no longer a single mum. (It’s not a bad thing, but you know… ) I met the love of my life during Marina’s coaching program and we live the life I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so happy!

I’ve created a business I love and I’m still catching my breath! But you know what? THIS life fits me! It’s the life that I always knew was possible for me and now I’m living it? I wake up with the hugest smile on my face. I’ve become the woman I always knew was bubbling away inside of me! Your coaching has impacted me like no other. Thank you for your honesty, love and wisdom.


Marina has made the biggest change in my business, my mindset and business has totally shifted since working with her.

I always knew my work was powerful and transformational but somehow I still had those old stories of not being good enough, the imposter syndrome, that bullshit mindset that held me back.

Working with Marina has helped me step into my full power. This power has enabled me to take inspired action and call in bigger amounts of money.

During my time working with Marina I’ve had online 5 figure launches, booked out clients and created multiple programs and courses directly as a result of the work I’ve done with her.

She helped me step into my confidence, clear my money blocks, clear the traumas and unhealed parts that were holding me back from stepping into full alignment to be the best version of me I could be and thrive in my business.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. Every session continues to blow me away and take me to the next level in my business. I can’t recommend Marina enough and am SO grateful to the life changing work she does.


She just gets IT! More laughter than tears. Marina is colour. She is a healer She is a matchmaker ME + ME = LOVE.

Marina is a guide. guiding you back to you, the you you lost, the you you gave away, the you you disregarded for someone else. The you you forgot to love. She is a teacher, finally after years of searching I found the one, the person to teach me how to heal me! No rehashing, unlike other therapists you are on treadmill of trauma and tears, trauma and tears until you are a broken shell. Then time is up, (you are sinking further) you leave feeling emotionally exhausted and drained with NO mechanisms or skills to manage your feelings. Marina skills you up.


The real me is back- shining through. The friendly, warm, open version of me instead of the resentful, exhausted, snappy, anxious, scared closed off version of me.

I can see it in the way people respond to me with warmth and friendliness, engaged and chatty to me. I make them feel good. They make me feel good. Perfect!

I need to tell you that I don’t know where I would be now without Marina’s coaching. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. It was not easy at times facing my darker side.

I have a better relationship with myself. I don’t expect myself to be able to do everything + be everything to everyone.

I am much better at communicating in general + my needs in particular and asking for help.

My relationships with my (adult) children is completely different. They value and respect me, as well as loving me.

I feel and see so much more joy in the world, in life.

I know I am enough, just the way I am.


Thanking you for the great work we have done together, I’m the best version of me I’ve ever been.

The hardships in my past relationships have made me stronger and wiser and with this I go forward to create my perfect relationship where I am well and truly setting the tone and it works. Your book has been so helpful for times I’ve needed reminding.

Thanks for reminding the goddesses in us that WE are enough just as we are, that dreams and fairy tales do come true if you dare to dream them up, which I did.

My sincere gratitude for your help over the years.


You deeply care, you see blocks, and assertively call clients on their issues/ games/ limiting beliefs.

You blend awareness, excellent training with psychic perception to reach into the dark corners.


Not only did I learn how to heal myself but by leading by example I also learned about raising my standards. Good enough is no longer good enough!!

I know I deserve greatness in this life. After my program with Marina it’s like she sits on my shoulder everywhere I go. She is the image of my own best friend and that best friend is me. If it’s not good enough for her it’s not good enough for me. No cutting corners with my self love these days. When I give to me, the world follows. No one knows me better than I do now. I now know how to recognise when something isn’t right and how to identify exactly what I need to fix it AND grow from it.

Marina J is also the most amazing sounding board. No judgement. Her love is infinite. No matter what I’ve done, been or come from, she truly sees me as an infinite being of light and love and treats me that way. Purely by leading by example, my life has honestly changed and will never be the same. It just can’t, that life doesn’t exist anymore. Never did I believe I could forgive, forget, move on and be soooo grateful from my past traumas.

Never did I think I would ever say, I love my life, I am happy to be alive.

I owe that to Marina J.


What will always make me choose Marina’s coaching over anybody else is firstly, that she knows exactly how to take you to that place where you’re whole heartedly honest with yourself.

Marina just gets exactly what you need to transform, heal and empower yourself to become the person you’ve always wanted to be/always have been deep down under everything that was hurting you/keeping you small. Whenever I’ve been coached by Marina, I’ve always left with a feeling of energy that is not able to be explained but always brought me more self-love and true acceptance of myself.

There’s nobody quite like Marina. She’s everything feminine, bold, glittery and soft. But at the same time she will never let you bullshit yourself. She’s everything sparkly without the la dee da positivity. She’s all about REAL healing. REAL transformation. REAL, AUTHENTIC YOU!

I’ll always tell every woman that they NEED Marina in their life.


You know your stuff, you believe it and you practise what you preach.

I feel so comfortable with you and you are so much fun to work with plus your book really helps to reinforce sessions for me.  You genuinely care and show me how to heal. I don’t just get to talk about my feelings, we work through them and you help me heal, and guide me to be my best self, and listen to my inner voice. You are the complete package!


Right from the beginning it’s felt like you ‘get me’, more than anyone else I’ve ever worked with.

-You’ve helped me embrace/enjoy myself as a woman, in ways I’ve never known before.
-Your coaching is dynamic, it’s alive, I never know where you’ll take me as part of my healing process.
-You’re incredibly loving, like a soft, warm blanket always making me feel protected and safe.
-Your sense of humour and honesty helps to make the work fun.
-Because you’re ’turned on’ you’re inspirational!


Marina J has a wonderful and unique approach to our patterns of thinking.

She then helps you create a wonderful life and helps you in a way no other coach would approach it, but it works! No more antidepressants for me (had been on them for 20 years) until Marina J and I worked my way off them. You have a voice that leads into and draws right from my heart and soul.


You have an uncanny way of reading my thoughts.

You remember important discussions we have had so that gives me a confidence that you listen.

You don’t pull back if you feel me underestimating myself, my goals or my attitude.

You instil in me a sense of safety and trust In you and your ability.

You care outside of your payment period, you send info and items of interest and referrals etc which is so gratefully received. Your emails and newsletter are outstanding.

You truly do make a difference!

You truly do lift me the moment I hear your Goddess voice.

You truly enjoy what you do and it shows.

You get me!

You have so much help on your website easily accessible on your website.

You encourage me to use my talents and soar and are not envious of others successes, you actually thrive on it.

Thank you.


When I first approached Marina I felt as if everything was against me, nothing I did to try to improve my situation ever worked, I had moved into an area that I didn’t like, into a house I didn’t like, my business was breaking even at best and losing money some months.

My current relationship is with a gorgeous man who I love to death but I didn’t really appreciate him at that time and I was pretty miserable. I spent a lot of time crying.

Marina coached me through all of this and I healed my life. I am now studying to become a building designer – something I’ve wanted since I was little girl, it’s my life’s purpose and I cannot wait to begin designing houses! I don’t wake up tired anymore, I am raring to go and have achieved more in these 6 months personally and professionally than I have in years. I treat myself with respect now and am good to myself. The dreams that I had just about let go of are already beginning to happen and there is so much more to come. I can just feel it!

All of my life gives me pleasure now! Marina has helped me heal and break dynamics so the old isn’t happening anymore. And Marina has helped me to see what I have and to be thankful for it, to learn the lessons my experiences can teach me, to appreciate who I am and to love me! I doubted myself and my abilities. I let the wrong parts of me make my decisions. Now I know that I am not my circumstances and that I am capable of whatever is in my heart to do or be. I am me and I always get what I want! I get pleasure from the present, I am thankful for what I have, and I get pleasure from my future even though it isn’t here yet because I know it WILL be here.  I feel ALIVE now and that’s pretty exciting! I can feel the twinkle in my eye again and I think that’s pretty hot!

The 5 biggest changes for me that I got from coaching are:

1. I can get pleasure out of where I am now

2. I trust and believe in myself

3. I value myself and want to be nice to me daily

4. My life is not ruled by the past, or even the present. I know that everything I want is possible and I have the skills to get it.

5. Sorry but you really can’t put limits on me (this is no.5) I am able to recognise the clues that my desires are on their way and I can enjoy the process of them getting to me.

When I started this journey I thought that if I was successful, by the end I would be different. I would have changed into someone else. I kept looking for that change, wondering when it was going to happen. I knew I was feeling better and living better but I was still expecting something else. I know now (and this is only a very recent revelation) that I can never be Someone Else, I can never change Me. The process I have been through has delivered something far more valuable. It has given me an appreciation and love of me so that I don’t want to be anyone else.

Marina has given me the skills to deal with what life may throw my way and the ability to make my life what I want it to be. And for that I am deeply and eternally grateful.
I am enjoying and being aware of every moment! I am enjoying my man, my children, my customers, my lack of customers, my shop neighbours, my learning, my snuggly bed, the sunshine, the water, EVERYTHING!


I feel completely reborn and transformed…

I was depressed, lonely, disempowered, constantly TIRED and struggling to believe I was worthy of being loved and so full of SELF DOUBT.  My skin on my face was constantly red and irritated…..I couldn’t make simple decisions for myself such as what do I want to eat for lunch today –it was a really hard decision for me.  I had given away my Power SO often in my life – I actually believed it was the done thing and the result from doing that for so long = UNHAPPINESS and LOW SELF ESTEEM!!!!

NOW I eat exactly what I desire and do exactly what makes me feel GOOD and no more compromising to please anyone other than myself!!!!!.  12 months ago my close relationships were full of people who kept showing me how badly I was treating myself and I didn’t understand it was the relationship with myself that needed to CHANGE….….. NOW that I  LOVE myself and have made the decision to put myself first – my life is now taking off in a completely different direction and I have to keep ticking things off my AWESOME desire list as they appear!

I feel so amazingly strong and confident and proud and happy!  Creating my life now gives me PLEASURE and FOLLOWING my Dreams gives me pleasure and knowing I am the Creator of my Life gives me THE MOST PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION…. and my CONFIDENCE? – wooh yeh!

I just feel really, really PROUD of myself for ALLOWING myself the privilege of having Marina coach me into the GODDESS I now TRULY believe I am.  Honestly, I feel so thrilled and excited inside – I feel reborn and completely transformed!  I will keep saying it to everyone I know “Women need Women like Marina in their life” I have never known anyone like her before.   Thank you Marina!

I’m going to find myself a beautiful new SPARKLY journal to take around the world with me so I can write about my new Life living as a GODDESS and my BIG journey of SELF discovery.



Can I just say a massive heart felt THANK YOU!! Again!! I have so much love and gratitude for you and your program I just keep seeing areas of my life lift and become what I had always hoped for, but wasn’t really sure was possible.

When I started the coaching program I had already been in personal therapy for a number of years, I had grown a whole lot, but I still struggled with some key things, my relationships, my relationship with money, and the relationship I was busy having with myself.

I was a Cinderella, I loved everyone else really well – I put a lot of effort into people yet treated myself poorly. I was so  disrespectful to myself yet couldn’t stop it. I was under the illusion that if I do more, be more, give more to those around me, I’ll reach true happiness – that finally it would happen for me.  So there I was, frustrated and at the end of my tether with most of my relationships.

That was the biggest misconception that I uncovered, with Marina’s amazing support, coaching and guidance I realised I had to learn to give to myself if I was to have any chance in turning my life around, and to really, finally reach my potential this lifetime.

So I learned how to treat myself with the same love and respect I gave others.  (And that’s a lot!) Now my life has changed forever – FREEDOM!!!  This is how I live now:  Receiving is as important as giving, (no more guilt!) I love to give to myself daily – I am my own best friend, so I have more available to give freely to those I love, without attachment, resentment or always bordering on burnout.

I also realised that with my strong desire to live my purpose and dream big, its the ONLY way I can get there.

Through this amazing, fun, inspiring transformational journey, I can honestly say I didn’t realise relationships could be so good, mutually giving and really satisfying, instead of just hard work.

I feel the Same about my business and my financial freedom too.
There are no limits now, I feel really free, and believe truly anything is possible.
Thank you again and again not only for your program but for every day in my future that I give freely, receive, and desire.  And for every day I am in love with my life.
You are an amazing woman.


I felt like I was emotionally drowning and completely incapable of feeling hopeful or positive ever again.

I had been in a “non-existent” relationship with an emotionally manipulative man and the effects of this involvement had run deeper than I thought possible.

I found myself crying everyday unable to figure out how I attracted such a terrible person.

Every time I heard of another friend/colleague/family member…fill in the blank announcing an engagement, wedding or baby shower.  I was unable to feel any genuine happiness or joy for them. I dreaded going to weddings and any other special occasions as it just reminded me of what I did not have, but desperately wanted. I looked sad, irritable and unhappy…and I felt all those things too.

During the Marina J Coaching Program I learnt to love myself just the way I am. I am making better choices with the kind of men I choose to maintain contact with, and am getting better and better at weeding out those who just don’t “do it” for me!

I’ve learnt to take pleasure in the little things and I was successful in getting the job I have always been striving for within the organisation I work for. My work relationships have also improved drastically, and I find myself being invited to lots of social gatherings organised through my work place. I now look forward to doing the things I love to do and am now so much more optimistic and expectant of what has to offer me going forward.

The best thing I have learnt through this coaching program and working with Marina, is that I am enough and I am more than worthy! I’ve gone from having a very heavy heart & struggling to overcome sticky situations, to feeling more light-hearted, relaxed and now I actually look forward to those “sticky situations” as I know they are going to teach me something new!  I have learnt to ask for what I want – and I’m comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t feel panicky about being 30 and single. In fact, I celebrated my 30th birthday travelling around Europe and I have this amazing tingling feeling that my 30s are going to be the best years of my life!


The change between now and starting this coaching program has been amazing – sounds clichéd, I know – but it really feels like I am looking back at a different person when I try to think of how things were.

When we first spoke I felt like I was going mad, trapped in a weird life that somehow wasn’t mine. I was getting sick and I was miserable and I didn’t know how to fix it which was really scary because I was so used to being ‘proficient’, to being in control.

It’s really hard to admit that you are miserable when everything on paper looks good.
The boxes were ticked but there was no joy, no energy, no peace…..just empty sorrow. I suspected I might be in trouble when I was trying to write a ‘positive headline for my life’ as part of a self-help exercise and couldn’t get past: ‘I am a total arse who has got through her life by the seat of her pants and is lucky to have got this far without a major disaster.’ This was my truth, my true belief.

I remember you saying that as a result of our coaching I would be able to stand in any situation with genuine confidence.

I was soooooo sceptical, I had never felt this at any point in my life, I had only been very successful at faking it. How could you make the difference?

I couldn’t imagine being able to climb that enormous mountain of change, being able to make myself thin enough, groomed enough, informed enough, organised enough, charismatic enough etc.. etc.. to be that invincible person of unshakable self belief. But it was that idea, the almost mythical idea of unshakable self belief that persuaded me to try.

I decided that even if I changed one thing it had to be better than nothing…

Now when I think of how I feel today, this warm spring day only five months after we started, I can’t quite believe it. I laugh out loud. I feel powerful, beautiful, amazing. I am enough and not enough and either way it’s OK. I am free! I know what I want and I can ask for it without apology or excuses (most of the time ;0) – still practicing after all).

I am really coming to know myself and in doing so I am coming to know my desires. My desires for myself, those around me and for my life. What a bloody relief!! I have stopped living the life I thought I should live and have started to live the life I want.

You said I should celebrate, celebrate the progress, and congratulate myself, and give myself a big goddess hug.

So today there have been air punches, air punches and whoops for slipping free from the steel grip of my mother in law’s manipulative behaviour. Air punches for getting rid of self destructive beliefs. Air punches for being able to write and receive easy quick emails without endless self analysis and criticism. Air punches for rainbow fingerless gloves and high volume Madonna. (!!) Air punches for not beating myself up any more because I have not found a local social circle…yet (perhaps due to a penchant for rainbow fingerless gloves and Madonna);massive air punches for modern technology that allows me to stay in touch with my true, wonderful and inspiring friends.

Air punches for believing that I am just as worthy as the next person, that I am enough, and that good things are for me too.

Bring out the vuvuzelas for this one: A veritable fanfare for being able to look in the mirror without make up or clothes on and see beauty.
And finally I’ll be setting up a firework display in the garden later to celebrate the fact that I finally hold myself in enough regard to look after myself with the same care and compassion that I previously reserved for ‘loved ones’.

It seems that these days I too am loved, unconditionally, by me.

What a truly giant leap.

And the best part is we’re not finished yet – brilliant – bring it on!


Marina’s coaching has absolutely changed my life and I am forever grateful for being given the chance to experience this amazing journey.

Before I began the Marina J Coaching Program I was stuck with no way out; I am a single mum of three beautiful children and run a full time business.

I was constantly tired, had trouble with my self worth, and my self esteem. How did this look in my life? I was drinking too much, working too much (16 days in a row) and “burning the candle at both ends”.  I had really down days, then high high days. My life was a rollercoaster and I felt like something had to give.

I was finding myself in needy and pointless relationships with damaged men, and I knew deep down I deserved better, but I didn’t know how to make it better. I had “mother guilt” towards my own children plus I hated my own mother and blamed her for all the hurt in my life up to that point.

Because of this coaching from Marina I  now look forward to every day with excitement, I have energy, passion and feel happy all the time!! I feel centred and at peace with everyone. I look relaxed and healthy. Everyone keeps commenting on how young I look! I hardly drink at all and when I do I know when to stop so it’s pleasurable.  I love my own company and love feeding myself great food, love exercising, love looking after myself. I have more time and more patience for my kids. I even like hanging out with my mother!

The hottest thing about me now is that I am so my own person. I am grounded, energetic and ebullient! I stopped drinking alcohol excessively and can’t even stand the feeling of being drunk any more. Two drinks and I’ve had enough. I had been drinking excessively for 35 years!!! I feel taller and much more grounded and centred.

I’ve lost weight because I only eat what I want now and it’s always exactly what I want! I can stand in my own power in any situation. I am full of love for myself, for others, for my children.

My business is growing and growing and it’s becoming more and more successful, and I genuinely feel I deserve it!  Clients are complimenting me like never before.

I now have a good relationship with my ex-husband. I feel very spiritual and in tune with others and what they are feeling.  Now I can help people because I have extra to give.

Marina’s coaching has absolutely changed my life and I am forever grateful for being given the chance to experience this amazing journey.

And this week?  I start it off as I always do, being kind to myself in any situation, and never abandoning myself…….and making some time to make some new friends who can add to my life.  Oh and to go pick up my new car!!! Yay!!!  Financially I thought I wouldn’t be able to have it until next year, but I got my dream car within 5 months of starting this coaching program, WOW!


Marina imbues a fabulousness’ and creativity with her life coaching which is not found anywhere else!

Marina has a presence and vibration of love, passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and readily shares that with her clients which then enables us (the clients) to evolve and grow and enrich our own lives.

Marina is NOT your ‘run of the mill’ type of coach, she is a unique gem whose quality outshines those surrounding her!