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Hi there, Goddess!

My vision is for every woman to become the Goddess she was born to be. And to provide a home for her to do that.

Welcome to Marina J!

I work with women who are determined to turn their true power ON.

They’re sick of settling for a beige life they feel disconnected from, hurt and uninspired by.

Come in and turn ON that power you have to heal yourself and love yourself just the way you are.

I used to be so much more comfortable supporting you instead of me. I had no boundaries and used to feel all of your feelings to the point where I didn’t know where you ended and I began. Which meant I would absorb your feelings and transform them for you. After an interaction, you would walk away feeling better and I would feel worse.

My spine began to follow my intent to support others at the expense of myself and so it bent left and right, from the age of 12, supporting you on the left and you on the right but never me in the middle resulting in scoliosis. (Curvature of the spine.) I was given an option of an operation where I could lose the use of my legs or wear a constrictive back brace that made me bleed every day. I chose the latter.

I shouted at 30 hospital doctors in a room one day at age 13 watching me get a new back brace, through hot tears that “I would heal my own spine – just you watch!” They laughed, the head Consultant told the audience, “And that’s why we call her the spitfire!”  I went red in the face and felt very very humiliated but also very very determined.

We are made to heal. I’ve always known this. I began training to be a Japanese yoga instructor when I was 24 years old back in the 90’s and opened my own business which began my journey of self-support, self-healing and self-love.  I also designed and sold my own yoga wear. In 2002 I trained as an integrative life coach whilst I was a single mum to my little girl, Maya and created the Turn Yourself On System for healing and flourishing. You can turn your own power on with my #1 bestselling book, Turn Yourself On.

I did heal my spine, programs and patterns from my childhood. I remembered WHO I am.

What I am at my core is an activator. I coach women to activate their power, connection to Source, boundaries (energetic and practical) reciprocal relationships, self-love and self-healing so they become the woman they were born to be.  I help women strengthen their own guidance system so they can navigate their own life, quickly.

Because you do know, you are fabulous and you are wise and powerful beyond words.

What I do is real healing – the kind that will genuinely and quickly set you free.

At our core? We want to be free. The freedom to be our true selves and the absolute FUN that comes from that!

I’ll help you peel off the heavy layers that are not you – like beliefs and programs you’ve bought into along the way. Such as self-sabotage, self-betrayal in relationships, weak boundaries, over-giving and under-receiving, finding it hard to connect to yourself and your intuition, self-doubt, self-judgement; any painful dynamics that are in your way right now. This might sound emotionally exhausting, but actually? It isn’t! I believe healing and loving yourself should be kind of fun, deep and definitely something to look forward to! Clients describe my coaching as dynamic and alive.

You might have experienced people telling you to suppress your negative thoughts and “just think positive.” I believe that we need to learn to make friends with ALL the parts of ourselves, especially the gnarly negative bits we often feel deeply ashamed of and try to hide from even those closest to us.

When you make friends with the parts of you that scare you the most? They’ll no longer have power over you and you’ll finally experience the true freedom you crave.

This isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about remembering WHO you are.  You are powerful, incredible and magnificent.

Through 1:1 coaching, my on-line membership Goddess, You’re Home™, workshops, my #1 best-selling book Turn Yourself On and other healing programs, I offer you the support, tools and home to become the greatest expression of yourself – the Goddess you were born to be.

Love Marina J x

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