Hi there, Goddess!

My vision is for every woman to become the Goddess she was born to be. And to provide a home for her to do that.

Welcome to Marina J!

I work with women who are determined to get themselves BACK and turn their light ON again.

They’re sick of settling for a beige life they feel disconnected from, hurt and uninspired by.

Come in and turn ON your innate self-healing ability so you CAN transform yourself and your life!

Maybe you’ve reached rock bottom – the lowest ebb of your life and nothing seems to be going to plan. You’ve lost yourself and your light went out a little while ago. You’re easily knocked back and forward by the critical voice in your head that sends you on an emotional roller coaster at a drop of a hat.

You’re stuck in giving mode, giving to everyone else yet don’t receive as much back, leading you to feel dried out and allowing unhealthy relationships with others to take root around you. I have a term for when women experience these things. It’s called Dry-out™ – when women have neglected their self-love, inner voice and healing for so long that they become sucked dry, empty and flatter than flat.

I know what this is like. Almost 20 years ago my light went out too. I suddenly became a single mum and my life flipped itself quite spectacularly, upside down. I was shattered emotionally, financially and spiritually. I know what it’s like to be on my knees, desperately wanting to turn it all around. So I became a life coach, determined that this path would lead me to success… and it got me half-way there – but not all the way. And I wanted all the way May!

So! I put myself on what would become my own program and within 6 month I’d turned my life around – my light turned back ON in a big way – baby I was back! My life got magical after I began to heal and because you’re built to heal too, if you deeply commit to your beautiful self and this beautiful work? You can achieve it too.

And if you’re thinking, blah, blah, here’s another life coach promising me the world, I’ve tried it and it didn’t work… ?

Firstly, I’m not going to solve your problems. Only you can do that. I’m not here to be your guru, I’m here to guide you.

Secondly, I focus on real healing, so you won’t walk out of this year with the same problems you walked in with. I’m not interested in offering you lukewarm stuff to keep you coming back for more. After being a coach and working with thousands of clients over the last 15 years that’s just boring for me!

If the thought of genuine freedom is scary to you, I am not the coach for you. And remember, the power isn’t in me, you’ve already been built to heal, it’s in YOU.

I get right to your core quickly so you don’t waste time; as Zara one of my clients explained, “In that first session with you? I transformed more deeply than in any session I’ve ever had with any psychologist or counsellor in the last 10 years and it felt wonderful.”

What I do is real healing – the kind that will genuinely and quickly set you free.

At our core? We want to be free. The freedom to be ourselves in a way we have never truly given ourselves permission to be before.

I’ll help you peel off the heavy layers of fear, self-doubt, self-judgement, limiting beliefs and painful dynamics from the past. This might sound emotionally exhausting, but actually? It isn’t! I believe healing and loving yourself should be kind of fun, deep, full of magical glitter (yes I really said that) and definitely something to look forward to! Clients describe my coaching as dynamic and alive.

You might have experienced people telling you to suppress your negative thoughts and “just think positive.” I believe that we need to learn to make friends with ALL the parts of ourselves, especially the gnarly negative bits we often feel deeply ashamed of and try to hide from even those closest to us.

When you make friends with the parts of you that scare you the most? They’ll no longer have power over you and you’ll finally experience the true freedom you crave.

Ready to step into your power?

Through 1:1 coaching, my on-line membership Goddess, You’re Home™, workshops, my #1 best-selling book Turn Yourself On and other healing programs, I offer you the support, tools and home to become the greatest expression of yourself – the Goddess you were born to be.

Love Marina J x

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