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Hi there, Goddess!

I help women flourish after difficult relationships and narcissistic abuse – because if you’ve been through it yourself or known others that have, you’ll know that getting through it isn’t enough.

Flourishing is your final destination. It’s the only antidote to the past because of how debilitating it is.

Here is my story… by the age of 12, my spine began to follow my intent to support others at the expense of myself and so it bent left and right, supporting everyone else, but never me in the middle, resulting in Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine.)

Because I wasn’t able to ‘back myself’ I wore a back brace for a few years until I threw it off knowing deeply in my bones that I would heal myself.

My aching back led me to become a Japanese Yoga teacher at 24 and I opened up my first yoga teaching business back in the 90’s. (I called it Absolute Yoga!) This began my journey of real self-support and self-healing.

I became a single mum to my beautiful Maya at the age of 28… living on our own in Sydney…

And then my spine again wanted more healing which led me to become an Integrative Life Coach at 31 in Shadow Work and create my own system of deep healing which deeply healed the physical and emotional contributors to my back and me not backing myself…

You see when you’re experiencing narcissistic abuse? You can’t back yourself. You can’t self-differentiate. You can’t say no. It’s too emotionally and sometimes physically dangerous. The backlash and what comes with it obliterates you. So you learn to negate your needs and give, to keep the ‘peace.’ Relationships become all about them and not about you. Out of survival.

After I walked away from the abuse, I realised that, that old ‘narcissistic template’ had wrapped itself around my new relationships stopping me from receiving. Receiving love, support and the generosity that was there for me.

And I was treating myself like a narcissist, constantly draining myself of energy, spending it on non-reciprocal relationships so I had no energy to create the projects that were dear to my heart.

And so I created The Narcissistic Template® Method, to help women like me flourish after narcissistic abuse, so they receive easily in relationships, allow themselves a LOT of pleasure – OO! And know how to keep their signature energy powerfully running through them without leaking it out and spending it on others at the expense of themselves… so they fulfil their souls destiny.

… Oh and I also wrote a book called, Turn Yourself On for women to turn their power, pleasure and their ability to self-heal ON… and it became a #1 best seller in 3 hours in the USA, UK and Australia – inspite of the publishing house messing things up (another story for another time!)

And in the midst of all this healing I met and married Paul, the love of my life who became the father my daughter wasn’t able to have… x

Women who have had narcissistic abuse don’t realise how yummy and special they are. It’s often the narcissists who recognise who they are before they do.  These women have big natural energy (once they’re free and flourishing) and know they are here to impact a small amount of people or a large amount of people in a BIG way. If this is you, you are amazing! And thank you for reading about me! I hope you found this helpful.

I’ve activated women who want to step into their innate power and transform the relationship they have with themselves and painful dynamics with others into receiving easily in relationships, in becoming the powerhouse they know they are and in having the kind of boundaries, high standards and expansion for themselves, that really turn them ON and attract aligned relationships with ease.

Because you do know, you are fabulous and you are wise and powerful beyond words.

What I do is real healing – the kind that will genuinely and quickly set you free.

At our core? We want to be free. The freedom to be our true selves and the absolute FUN that comes from that!

I’ll help you peel off the heavy layers that are not you – like beliefs and programs you’ve bought into along the way. Such as self-sabotage, self-betrayal in relationships, weak boundaries, over-giving and under-receiving, finding it hard to connect to yourself and your intuition, self-doubt, self-judgement; any painful dynamics that are in your way right now. This might sound emotionally exhausting, but actually? It isn’t! I believe healing and loving yourself should be kind of fun, deep and definitely something to look forward to! Clients describe my coaching as dynamic and alive.

You might have experienced people telling you to suppress your negative thoughts and “just think positive.” I believe that we need to learn to make friends with ALL the parts of ourselves, especially the gnarly negative bits we often feel deeply ashamed of and try to hide from even those closest to us.

When you make friends with the parts of you that scare you the most? They’ll no longer have power over you and you’ll finally experience the true freedom you crave.

This isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about remembering WHO you are.  You are powerful, incredible and magnificent.

There are various ways to work with me. You can opt in for my private coaching sessions; The Flourish Collective, my program for women who are ready to flourish after narcissistic abuse; my free masterclasses (join my FB group for those) my #1 best-selling book Turn Yourself On and my podcast also called Turn Yourself On!

Love Marina J x

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