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Based on my book Turn Yourself On. Value £444


Confident. Vibrant. Happy.

It’s WHO you are. You may not feel like that now. But you can. And I’ll show you how. Together we’ll transform how you feel about yourself. It’s time to turn your power back on.

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Turn Yourself On at Home is deliciously based on my book Turn Yourself On.

This program is for you to get your fabulous BACK! After upset with him, her or with life in general, because your happiness is everything.

Hear my voice guiding you through the healing processes in this book along with a special workbook so you receive the support you need this month.

When you’re…  

  • Hurt or upset by what they just did to you
  • Worried because of what’s been going on
  • Angry with yourself for sabotaging yourself again
  • Crap at asking for what you want
  • Ready for a big fat change
  • …And you’re ready to be utterly fabulous?

Press play on the audio and take yourself to the next level of happiness, relationship and confidence you know you’re capable of; every audio is overflowing with an opulence of gorgeous tools, ideas and techniques that will support you daily – because your happiness really is everything. I’m going to be by your side as I guide you (somewhat gorgeously) to turn on your sensuality and your self-love when and your ability to heal…deeply.

Hear my voice guiding you with beautiful music when you’ve had a bad day. Turn Yourself On at Home IS your go-to for when somethings just happened and you need guidance to clear and heal it.  Or you need the confidence to make that change in your life.

You’ve done all the self-help stuff, what you’re interested in now, is navigating your own life successfully. 

This program gives you your power BACK –  be it old patterns of hurt, sabotage or blocks that need clearing so you can create the life that’s waiting for you.  This program is also going to give you that shot in your arm so you walk FABULOUS all the way down that street – you know what I’m talking about!

Hear me support you so:

  • You do make the Right Decisions in life
  • You have the Confidence to want and create more for yourself
  • You become a pro at Healing Yourself so you get your fabulous BACK!
  • It’s easy for you to take self-love action, daily
  • You become your own Best Friend in life to create a new future for yourself
  • You turn on your ability to receive everything you want
  • The men in your life DO make you exquisitely happy
  • You can turn on your sensuality whenever you want
  • You receive more pleasure, daily (it starts with receiving twice as much as him)
  • You feel beautiful…no matter how your body is actually looking today
  • You Turn on your Power to navigate your own life successfully NOW
    *Each topic corresponds to each chapter in my book Turn Yourself On, apart from the Man audio which I have pulled all together into one audio for you! Each audio contains processes that you and I are going to do in real time together.  I highly recommend having my book Turn Yourself On by your side to deepen the process for you.

You’ll receive:

  • An audio for each topic (18 audio’s) that you can listen to on your iPhone, computer or some other fangly device I’ve probably never heard of! But basically they’re MP3’s so it’s super simple (even if you’re a technophobe like me.) On purchase you just click the link and voila, you can begin today!
  • A workbook to write in, play in, take notes in
  • Me by your side supporting you so you get your fabulous back! And if you’ve never been fabulous? Don’t worry, you’re about to be. If you’re reading this, you’re ready.
  • An opulence of gorgeous tools, techniques and inspiration that will give you real results in your life immediately.
  • The confidence of knowing how to navigate your life successfully.  You deserve it.

You will receive 18 Audio’s + a Gorgeous Workbook:

  1. Decide What You Don’t Want Mp3 (Audio)
  2. Desire What You Do Mp3 (Audio)
  3. Detox What’s In Your Way + 7 process audio’s Mp3 (Audio)
  4. Self-Love Action Mp3 (Audio)
  5. Become Your Own Best Friend Mp3 (Audio)
  6. Turn On Your Receiving Button Mp3 (Audio)
  7. Men Men Men! Mp3 (Audio)
  8. Turn On Your Sensuality Mp3 (Audio)
  9. Turn On Your Pleasure Mp3 (Audio)
  10. Turn On Your Beauty Mp3 (Audio)
  11. Turn On Your Power Mp3 (Audio)
  12. Turn Yourself On at Home Workbook
Over 5hrs of audio. (File 640MB same size as downloading a 90 min film)
(Please note – small amount of coarse language used, only suitable for 18yrs+. These audio’s contain selected processes from the book Turn Yourself On. Highly recommended to have book by your side to deepen the process.)

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2 reviews for Turn Yourself On at Home

  1. Catherine

    Thank you Marina! God just your voice takes me deeper and deeper into healing and love for me. I come home from work and put you on and you’ve helped me so much get over some really terrible situations I’ve been in with my family. I’ve been sleeping better and intrinsically I’ve found that I’m navigating life much better since listening to this. My friends and work colleagues are noticing that I’m happier and I feel happier and lighter. You’ve also helped me with a new appreciation for my body and yes pleasure. Oh that word! Thank you Marina, this has helped me a lot.

  2. Dana

    This is exactly what I have been searching for, complete support when I want it and need it. I like that there’s lots of choice and I thought you’d want to know that I healed a rift that had happened between me and a dear friend because of what you teach so thankyou

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