Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women


I was invited to co-author the book: Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women which has become a #1 bestseller of 13 intimate interviews with Carl Logrecco.

I kick off the book with the 1st chapter and share how I went from being a broke single mum to now being married to Paul, the love of my life, who became the father my daughter never had.  I had to climb out of many holes and dig deep to find my inspiration.

You’ll also read about other women – how does a woman go from being paralysed to living her best life?  How does a woman go from millionaire – to broke – to billionaire?

We women truly are magnificent – and that means you too. My desire for you is that these stories will not just inspire you – they will flick a switch inside of you – that you too can and will transform the area of your life that is hurting you the most.


Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women: You are at your most beautiful when you remember who you truly are – and that everything and anything is possible.

Women are inherently designed to live their values and dreams and feel amazing. The women in this eBook, Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women have accomplished just that. Here they reveal their intimate stories to inspire & empower you get started on your own path to embracing and becoming the Healthy, Wise & Amazing woman you already are.

Heart-warming, raw and intimate: These are stories from women who have risen above the odds and captured the pure essence of living an amazing life.

  • Amazon’s #1 Bestselling book
  • 182 paged e-book of 13 intimate interviews of women across the world
  • Marina J is the 1st chapter
  • This the full colour version filled with valuable tools to inspire the magnificence in you!
Once we have confirmed your order via e-mail, you will receive another e-mail with clear instructions. Simply download the ebook to your computer within 48 hours of this e-mail. The e-book comes in a clever pdf format, so you can print directly onto A4 paper if you wish. If you don’t have ADOBE READER (to read pdf documents) you can download the latest version for free by clicking below:

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