Become Your Own Best Friend


And STAY Free of Self-sabotage this month. (Value £249.)


Become your own best friend this month!

Would you like to free yourself from self-sabotage, and build trust within yourself? Would it help you to put a structure into place that will support you this month to keep rising?

The first month after healing self-sabotage is the most important.

You will receive:

  1. How to become addicted to self-love (part 1) MP3 (Audio)
  2. Morning meditation to set you up for success MP3 (Audio)
  3. Evening meditation to settle yourself MP3 (Audio)
  4. Establish your new mindset MP3 (Audio)
  5. Listen to this to stay strong during the month MP3 (Audio)
  6. Deepen your healing: FREE yourself of self-sabotage process – downloadable MP3 (Audio)
  7. Structure to support yourself MP3 (Audio)
  8. Bonus: Listen to this if you self-sabotage again MP3 (Audio)
  9. Bonus: You’re free: What to do with the extra energy? MP3 (Audio)
  10. Become Your Own Best Friend workbook
Over 3.5hrs of audio. (File 240MB same size as downloading a 45 min TV programme)

(Please note – small amount of coarse language used, only suitable for 18yrs+. This is not suitable for addiction)

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Once we have confirmed your order via e-mail, you will receive another e-mail with clear instructions. Simply download the MP3’s and ebook to your computer within 48 hours of this e-mail. The e-book comes in a clever pdf format, so you can print directly onto A4 paper if you wish. If you don’t have ADOBE READER (to read pdf documents) you can download the latest version for free by clicking below:

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