Receiving Retreat Replay


RECEIVE like the Goddess you ARE! EMBODY your Goddess receiving frequency so it’s much easier for you to receive money, love, support and success.  Receive Activations and Subconscious Alchemy to align yourself to your highest timeline in 2023!

Join us for 60 mins of delicious receiving available immediately on purchase. This is the replay from the live class I recently ran. You will receive the same energies and activations as the live class. You receiving easily is the best gift to yourself this year!



Part of being on this planet is knowing how to receive it. So many times we’ll receive so easily from the higher realms via our crown chakra and third eye… but how easily are we receiving from the physical realms via our base chakra? I’m talking physical abundance in all forms, money, being fully physically supported by this planet and growing success in our life’s purpose. This is what we’re here to master… receiving from the physical.

If you identify as a light worker or starseed you’ll know this is your area right now that you’re growing. If you’d like to embody your receiving frequency and align to your highest timeline in 2023, join me on this retreat for some beautiful activations and alchemy.

Goddess = Choosing to have a Divine relationship with yourself.

We’re going to turn your Goddess Receiving Energy UP + ON which will permeate all areas of your life.  Are you ready? It’s time to RECEIVE like the Goddess you ARE!

On purchase you will receive:

A hello email from me containing the link to this fabulous retreat 🙂

I coach women to flourish after narcissistic abuse. I’m the creator of The Narcissistic Template Method®, the #1 best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 19 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

I’ve activated women who want to step into their innate power and transform the relationship they have with themselves and painful dynamics with others into receiving easily in relationships, in becoming the powerhouse they know they are and in having the kind of boundaries, high standards and expansion for themselves, that really turn them ON.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, The Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book and free masterclasses in my FB group.

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