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Create Your Dreams after Narcissistic Abuse

By September 14, 2023No Comments

Backing yourself and your dreams after narcissistic abuse / difficult relationships / having back problems such as scoliosis – is especially important for a leader like you. Because: 

It’s time to speak your dreams into Reality. 

Write your dreams into Reality. 

And visualise your dreams into Reality. 

Without the stories!

You have never been more powerful than NOW. YOU are the portal you’ve been looking for!

I went live today in my FB group speaking about this and decided to put the recording up in Youtube also. You can watch that here on Youtube. Or in my  FB group here where I give regular trainings and gorge support. x

Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel here as I’m going to be adding in more support over the coming months. 

Have you joined Glow Week yet?

If you want to: 

  •  Expand your feminine energy in relationships, in your relationship with yourself and in your body so you GLOW! 
  •  Make it safe and easier for your body to receive pleasure, abundance and love. 
  •  Fall in love with your body and access the ancient wisdom she holds for you. 
  •  Access your feminine magic by treating yourself like a Goddess, instead of how a narcissist would. 
  •  Vibrate out toxic relationships and raise your standards. 

You’ll leave these masterclasses feeling energised, activated, turned ON, transformed and deeply inspired with magical tools to use for the rest of your life! 

You can join us in Glow Week here.

What’s happening in my world?

I was recently interviewed on the Contagious Confidence Podcast on boundaries because…

I know what it feels like to have boundaries when nobody likes them but you.

I know how it feels to consistently have them when others around you think you’re a prima donna because their self-love isn’t where yours is yet.

I’ve learned how to be judged, projected on, disliked, misunderstood, rejected and how to withstand the backlash, smear campaigns and people turning me into the perpetrator.

All because I’ve said, NO. No to the abuse. No to energy booty calls. No to draining energy.

All that work means now, I become the boundary. My energy becomes the boundary which means I don’t need to hold boundaries with people I choose to be with, because my energy is repelling those who do not want an equal energy exchange with me.

What kind of boundary are you needing to rock right now? Is it with family? With your business? Your friends? Somebody else? Or with yourself?

I was interviewed by the beautiful Katie on boundaries…  you can listen to the podcast here.

Sending you strength, love and peace wherever you are today.


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