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Glitter + Freedom!

By December 16, 2023No Comments

So in case you missed it, this was me glittered up at our Flourish Christmas Party via ZOOM! I had so much glitter on my boobs by the end of the night, that had fallen from my face haha! Which was good because I’d forgotten to glitter them up in the first place! 

Flourish is for women who are really going places, to truly flourish after Narcissistic Abuse. Because if you’ve had Narcissistic Abuse – you’re a leader on this planet.


Because the dark recognised your power before you did and was inserted into your life, often at an early age to thwart you, the light.

From doing what you are here to do. FULLY!!

You have great gifts and super gorgeous shiny light (I mean look at you!) that needs to be shared with the world. If you’re still in contact with these very toxic people, you will need to work harder to stay in your full light and be in full service to the world.

Because they are so fucking draining!

And you know what was interesting? I gave each Flourisher a personal reading before we went up to the Akashic Records to set ourselves up for an amazing 2024!

… and every single one of them is being asked to step into a much greater level of power next year – because every single one of them is integral to this planet ascending.

Just like you. 

Your Dharma – aka what you are here to do will be louder than ever before. Are you going to truly expand into the next level of it next year?

Are you listening to the nudges and mini steps that are being given to you now? Or are you contracting back into fear / a story / indecision?

Every Flourisher in Flourish is on a journey to become the greatest expression of themselves and truly flourish in all aspects. Me too actually, I am on this journey too with them!

If you feel a bit wobbly when you think of that toxic person and especially over Christmas… 

BTW – I’ve noticed that there is still a loud or subtle power displacement with narcs that can still make you fearful of what they might do or not do. Even if you’ve gone no contact!

Remember: Narcissists are controlling. But they aren’t powerful.

Control comes from fear of losing power over you. 

Real power comes from love and empowers you when you’re around it.


AND they know it!

The only person who may not fully know it, is you. 

When you truly see the game and no longer play it, the fear subsides. And you are able to jump over them and serve the world as the leader that you are, in your full power, and full light? (Glitter optional!)

Because although the narc(s) tried to thwart you – they couldn’t. Globally and individually, we ALWAYS BOUNCE BACK! Have you ever noticed that? You are amazing! And that’s why we keep on RISING!

You are utterly beautiful, and my wish for you these holidays is to stay connected to the power that you are and ensure that you give yourself a really fucking good time – it’s been a massive year and you totally deserve it!

If you’re interested in flourishing after difficult relationships to reclaim your freedom, power and glitter, you can reply to this email and ask me about The Flourish Collective. Or you can check out some of the deets here. You can join for the year or for one of the 8 week courses listed. 

Some Free Resources:

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Watch my Youtube Video Here. 

Watch more indepth training on it here in my FB group.

Podcast Ep: How to Flourish after Narcissistic Abuse

Listen to my podcast for Raven Scott here.

From my glittery boobs to yours – MWA!

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