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Why Being a Victim is KEY to you Flourishing!

By August 31, 2023No Comments

“Don’t be a victim!” Actually, when you’re a powerful woman – who doesn’t complain much or ask for help – being a victim is actually what you need.

It’s the missing piece to your power.

We’ve been taught to avoid being a victim at all costs.

That it will only hurt you and hurt your chances of having a successful life.

But what if I told you that the main reason you find self-love often hard and illusive is because you’ve skipped a step. The victim step. And if this is making you feel even slightly ill at the thought? Then I’m talking directly to you.

When someone like you refuses to be victimised, you refuse the gift being a victim gives you.

I once coached a client whose husband had cheated on her. She was a high 6-figure business coach who couldn’t shake her eating disorder. She’d spent about 100K on trying to heal it and felt like a fraud because she couldn’t.

Feeling sorry for herself was the last thing she wanted to do… so of course it was the first thing we did!

And during that one session she OWNED the fact that she had been a VICTIM. Genuinely. Without undoing it in any way. Owning victim opened up an avalanche of empathy… for herself. She connected so deeply to herself that she couldn’t hurt herself anymore.

After this session, her eating disorder stopped. She’d been doing this to herself since she was 14 years old. Now at 45 years old she could no longer bypass how she truly felt with spiritual BS. It was the missing piece to her power.

She left her cheating husband, found regular exercise easy and got into the best shape of her life! She called in an extra 48k of unexpected money 2 weeks after her session and a year later began dating men who treated her like a Goddess.

Within the context of a conscientious human being who does the work, who doesn’t project responsibility for how they feel onto anyone else, who isn’t a professional drama Queen screaming, “Poor Meeee” when things don’t go her way…

… You owning VICTIM will return your gentle empathy for you, back to you.

PS. If you have empathy for yourself in an interaction? You will feel how people affect you without making excuses for them…

… and then that feeling becomes your boundary.

You’ll naturally attract better relationships, you’ll receive support, attention and love far more easily… and… your self-love will guide you to the right choices that nourish your being.

Admitting to yourself that you have/are a victim right now will open up true self-love for yourself.

In Shadow Alchemy, every part of you carries a gift. Skip “Victim” and you skip the softest of empathy you are trying to give yourself right now. I love being a victim when I actually am one.

Victim isn’t ugly to me anymore, it’s the truth that alchemises into pure empathy for myself that turns into self-love action. A gift this thriver of Narcissistic Abuse has SO needed!

What’s going on in my world right now?

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Sending you loads of love for today and may you be gentle on yourself today as you take the most amazing soul guided action for yourself! OO!


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