The Shadow Alchemy Container to turn your pain into power, peace, self-love and joy!


Heal the relationship you have with yourself, with other people and with your dreams so you become the powerhouse you are here to be. 

You know you’re a Powerhouse …

But how can you be that Powerhouse if:

You’re holding yourself back?

Your patterns sabotage your happiness and success?

You don’t believe in yourself… fully?

You don’t trust yourself?

You’re giving your power away to something or someone?

You’re unwilling to step into your true fabulous light?

You cannot move forward if your shadows are stopping you or slowing you down from creating the life you know is waiting for you!

The women who join Shadow Alchemy are going to uncover their hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that they become the powerhouse they are here to be!

Dissolving the painful dynamics in their life so they become HER – the woman they were born to be – making her dreams happen, without the self-sabotage, overwhelm, and self-doubt. 

In The Shadow Alchemy Course, we are going to be applying Healing Templates to the relationship you’re having with yourself, with others, and with your dreams, so you live as the Goddess intended: Powerfully, successfully, and abundantly.  

We’re going to have you expanding with ease.

When we’ve denied, suppressed, abandoned or rejected parts of ourselves, it’s time to reclaim them so we can become fully expressed and whole again. It’s time to reclaim your power your energy and your light so you become the greatest expression of yourself!

You are here to flourish this year and become HER – the triumphant, vibrant, successful woman who is totally in her power striding forth and having The Best Fucking Year!

 Imagine being able to…

Dissolve self-sabotage, self-doubt and anxiety.
Free yourself from the story you tell yourself as to why you can’t…?
Dissolve painful dynamics from yourself and your relationships… no matter how long they’ve been going on for, so you create a future you and your loved ones are excited about!

and also…

Heal after Narcissistic Abuse, toxic relationships and painful situations.
Heal your biggest core wounds and turn them into your biggest power.
Fall in love with yourself and accept yourself, just the way you are. 
Become HER – the greatest expression of yourself!
Feel safe enough to consistently receive hugely without old trauma making you contract and sabotage it.
Uncover and heal the hidden dark and light shadows and beliefs that are stopping you from moving forwards.
Know what to do when challenges come up in relationships, so you make the right decisions, and stay in your power without betraying your deepest needs.
Know how to transform relationships into their highest or vibrate them out.
Hear yourself deeply and learn how to trust yourself and your feelings to strengthen your own inner guidance system so you make the right decisions. 
Feel emotionally healthy and balanced.
Know how to own your shadows, so the parts of you, you don’t like being, have no power over you anymore.
Reclaim your light, your freedom and your power from the past and from what’s happening now.
Feel emotionally safe in relationships and in your body, so your nervous system can relax and rejuvenate. You show up well rested and in your power in every interaction, and you are a GLOWING Goddess.

You’ll know exactly how to heal anything that’s in your way to reach your highest timeline, any time you want.

This is not about you doing yet more healing (yawn)… this is about knowing how to heal completely

… So you no longer have to deal with the same exhausting patterns.

So, you’re free to BE fabulous YOU! 

You won’t leave this year with the same life lessons you entered with. 

Relationships issues… like rejection, never being chosen, being triggered, wanting to get out of relationships, wanting to be in one…

Having painful dynamics in relationships, being hurt by people, not being heard and seen, loved and celebrated…

Feeling disillusioned, disappointed and being let down by people…

…Relationships have the power to drain you or energise you and your dreams!

But it’s not about them and what they just did or didn’t do. It’s about you knowing how to use this as your springboard into the new!

See you have this power inside of you to turn what you don’t want into what you do.

Like a springboard!

But it doesn’t come from pasting the positive over the negative with positive thoughts.

That’s toxic positivity. And will keep you stuck here.

Stuck in crappy relationships, crappy jobs, crazy work schedules, self-sabotage, self-doubt, anxiety…

It comes from YOU knowing how to alchemise your pain back into your genuine light.

It comes from you knowing how to free yourself from initiations quickly so you keep moving powerfully forwards.

It comes from you knowing how to release yourself from self-sabotage, self-doubt and anxiety.

So you become the powerhouse you are here to be.

Knowing how to turn your dark into the light right now would be a game changer, right?

And that’s exactly what we do in my Shadow Alchemy Container where you get to dissolve your initiations that are happening right now.

With ease, speed and lightness.

Because we don’t focus on the pain, we focus on you being in your power as you transform whatever is in your way, fast.

When you know how to do Shadow Alchemy, you won’t stay where you are for very long.

Love notes

My family have said I am way lighter and happier and I know I am able to get out of my mind a lot easier and into the present and my body so much easier.

It has helped me feel ALL EMOTIONS where I don’t feel guilty for it. Now I am a lot less bothered by them and have frictionless interactions with people that I used to find difficult. This has helped me make better life choices with better boundaries with friends, work and family. A game changer was no longer rejecting the actual parts of me I need to grow as a person and business.

My favourite part were the live zoom sessions they were the gift that kept giving. Marina’s guidance was always what I needed to hear and the extra help I needed to integrate the lessons. Plus all the wisdom I got from listening to the other ladies too.

This is truly transformational and life changing, if you are unhappy with where you are, want to make some big changes in your life, and want to elevate yourself.
Marina holds a beautifully powerful yet safe space where you get to be truly honest with yourself, and really dig deep into all parts of you (even the bits you really don’t like to sit with).

And through her classes I have been able to create a different type of self love. One that is grounded and limitless at the same time. It has changed the way I look at myself and my relationships and I know it will continue to keep giving.


I said yes to the course because I appreciate Marina’s work🤍 I have been on other courses with Marina and I have always had massive shifts and healing by participating and doing the deep dive.

She is always so supportive when I have had questions or highlighting something I may have not seen before. I love working with Marina✨🤍✨ It is always the right time to get clear and realigned to beautiful selves.

I personally didn’t realize that I needed to release such a deep rooted trauma response that I had been relying on my whole life and I feel many others. This was a huge awakening and realignment to myself my own energy and not everyone else. There has been so much freedom.

The Shadow Alchemy Course has allowed me to integrate both the light and dark parts of myself and with this has brought empowerment and freedom. I have learned to be more compassionate with myself and not as critical and this has freed up so much space in my daily life. I am not always stressing or questioning everything I do and it has allowed me to be in creative flow.

I have been able to rewrite my story and align myself to my internal compass and take action in daily life to follow it.


And that’s exactly what we do in my Shadow Alchemy Container where you get to dissolve your initiations that are happening right now.

With ease, speed and lightness.

Because we don’t focus on the pain, we focus on you being in your power as you transform whatever is in your way, fast.

When you know how to do Shadow Alchemy, you won’t stay where you are for very long.


In the Shadow Alchemy Container

What are You Going to Receive?

Immediate access to 8 modules of Shadow Alchemy so you can start right away. 
The Flourish Collective Live Calls (4 Power Hours + 2 Splurge Classes)
Immediate access to the last 9 replays from previous Live calls
Access to the private Facebook group to have your questions deliciously answered so you keep moving forward with that fire, get cheered on, and basically feel fucking fantastic!

You’ll receive 8 Modules, with powerful conscious and subconscious processes, so you’ll transform with me in real time.

We’ll heal root causes and align you to your highest timeline of love, joy, success, ease, and abundance, working with Shadow Alchemy.

You can watch when it suits you during these 8 weeks. We’ll get together on Zoom twice a month on a Wednesday at 4pm UK time for the Power Hours. It’ll be live on-the-spot coaching and Q & A, to help you integrate and embody the fabulous woman that you are!

You’ll receive downloads, potent activations and me coaching you in real time on what’s coming up for you so you are fully supported to move through your initiations.

If you can’t make it live, you can submit your questions ahead of time so I can answer you (and there will also be a replay).

You’ll also receive Splurge Classes for emotional release to rebalance yourself back into the magnetic, powerful vibrant woman you are!

You’ll receive two months exclusive access to The Flourish Collective and Shadow Alchemy Modules:

  • The Flourish Collective LIVE Calls (4 Power Hours + 2 Splurge Classes)
  • Immediate Access to 8 modules of Shadow Alchemy
  • Immediate Access to Replays of previous 9 Live Calls
  • Immediate Access to the private Facebook group
  • BONUS: Receive 3 months in total access to the modules

If you would like to continue having access to the Shadow Alchemy and group sessions with me, you are welcome to upgrade after the 2 month mark to become a member of The Flourish Collective.

The 8-Week Shadow Alchemy Container will give you the structure of how to release, heal, and expand into your dreams. 

And this is key to your success. 

We will do this without needing to spend hours relentlessly rehashing old trauma, making you into another project/problem to fix. NO. You’re already exhausted from the last few years and you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself. 

It’s your time now… 

And I can’t wait to help you become the greatest expression of yourself in a few weeks…

If you are ready to become the powerhouse you are here to be, I created this for you. 

What Do you Get in Each Module?

Module 1: Start Here to Heal

  1. Introduction to Shadow Alchemy

  2. Activate your Healing Power

  3. Alchemise any Emotion back into Power and Peace

  4. Activate the feminine art of Deciding and Desire

  5. Connect to your Innate Power

  6. Subconscious Shadow Alchemy: Embody your Future Self

Module 2: Heal Relationship Dynamics

  1. Reconcile and Release Your Lesson so it no Longer needs to Show Up

  2. Trust your Internal Guidance System and take Aligned Action

  3. Fall in Love with your Light and Dark Shadows to Heal Yourself and Key Relationships

  4. Free yourself from Internal and External Judgement so you can Move Forwards

  5. Make friends with your Anger so it has no Power Over you Anymore

  6. Own your Dark Shadow Subconscious Process (Can be used over and over again to heal the relationship with yourself and with others. To heal beliefs, programs and painful situations)

Module 3: Heal Root Cause

  1. Heal the Root Cause Subconscious Process to Break Free from your Past and Any Situation

  2. Heal Relationship Frustrations and Patterns

  3. Reconcile Arguments so They No Longer Pull you Back in and Keep you in an Unhealthy Loop

  4. Own your Light Subconscious Process – Own All the Light Parts of You

Module 4: Self-Sabotage

  1. Stop Sabotaging Your Success with this Deep Dive Module

  2. Free yourself from Self-Sabotage Subconscious Process

  3. Alchemise your Guilt, Shame, Anger, Self-Hate and Fear into Power and Safety

  4. Back Yourself and Your Dreams with Real Action

  5. Subconsciously Release Your Upper Limit of Success so you Receive Easily Process

Module 5: Heal your Old Story

  1. Heal the Relationship with Yourself and Create the Mindset of Success

  2. Identify your Disempowering Old Story

  3. Free yourself Consciously from the Story that is Stopping you from Succeeding

  4. Free yourself Subconsciously from the Story that is Stopping you from Succeeding

Module 6: Embody your New Story

  1. Consciously Create and Embody your New Story so you Succeed

  2. Subconsciously Create and Embody your New Story to Accelerate Your Success

Module 7: Reclaim your Light

  1. Own the Light that you See in Others So You Shine

  2. Glow Independently from the Outside World

  3. Subconsciously Create Success in a Future Event, Particularly if you’re Fearful

  4. Embrace an Attribute Within Yourself that you Most Need to Move Forwards With

Module 8: Forgiveness

  1. Free yourself with Forgiveness

  2. Honouring Yourself with Right Timing

  3. Subconsciously Forgive Someone who has Hurt you to Free Yourself from the Past

  4. Subconsciously Forgive Yourself for What you Have or Haven’t Done to Release Guilt, Shame, Unworthiness and anywhere you are Stopping yourself from Receiving Love, Support and Abundance from the World.

  5. The Guide: How to Heal, the Beginning, Middle and End of Healing!

  6. Use these Processes to Heal Anything in your Life, Beliefs, Programs, Wounds, Painful Situations from your Childhood to set Yourself Free to Flourish

Results for my Shadow Alchemy

clients look like:

THIS is how we’re LIVING

Knowing that you can shift anything into it’s highest timeline by using your emotions not running away from them

By using everything that comes your way as your springboard to a life that turns you on

And by using Shadow Alchemy to uncover hidden shadows that other therapies and mindset classes can’t reach mean you can find your blindspots.

And once you’ve healed that thing? It’s done. You won’t need to think about it anymore, it won’t go round and round in your head like it used to.

You. Are. Free. 


more Love notes

This course interested me since I had just began to be interested in Carl Jung and Shadow work. I was tired of feeling hopeless and although I was listening to Abraham Hicks and loving it I felt like just shutting down the negative feelings wasn’t working for me and there weren’t big shifts that I was craving. I felt decisive about it and that is a rarity for me.

The Shadow Alchemy Course helped me with my emotions. I feel less up and down and less effected by outside things. I feel WAY more in the receiving mode and that wasn’t even something I really understood emotionally but now I do.

Better said would be to say “I understood many of the concepts that Marina teaches before the course, HOWEVER understanding on a mental level is only part of the process. Marina brings it all together (emotional, physical, and spiritual) without any bullshit so the shifts are fast and fucking amazing!”

I had no hesitation in joining this course.

I’m recommending this course to others because it would shift things in them i.e. patterns of thoughts, beliefs that weren’t serving them so they could reclaim the amazing life they want/have.

I’m so incredibly grateful to Marina for her guidance and knowledge! Oh and how she guides you on what is best for you. She has amazing intuition!!! It isn’t a linear process like many healers try to copy and paste with their clients.


When I first came to Marina, I knew where I wanted to be in life, I just didn’t know how to get there. I knew I was so much bigger than the life I was living.

I’d had these dreams for years, big dreams, but how to make them come true? One day I passed an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years and she looked – happy. I mean REALLY happy. I asked her what she’d been doing and she said, “I saw a life coach, Marina J a couple of years ago, and it’s the BEST thing I ever did!” I contacted Marina straight away, and whilst I felt really nervous, I also knew she was the right person for me.

Her mix of fun, deep healing coaching sessions and razor sharp intuition skyrocketed me from my old life into my new very amazing life! I worked for it, I did everything she set me and I now I find myself here and I feel teary as I write this. I now live a life that excites me! I am no longer a single mum. (It’s not a bad thing, but you know… ) I met the love of my life during Marina’s coaching program and we live the life I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so happy!

I’ve created a business I love and I’m still catching my breath! But you know what? THIS life fits me! It’s the life that I always knew was possible for me and now I’m living it? I wake up with the hugest smile on my face. I’ve become the woman I always knew was bubbling away inside of me! Your coaching has impacted me like no other. Thank you for your honesty, love and wisdom.


Got  Questions?

We’ve got answers…

Will this work for me? 

This works best if you are open to energetic or intuitive work or are familiar with working with your intuition. You will need to take aligned action on the synchronicities and opportunities that come your way, so that you can manifest your results at rapid speed. When you are committed and take action – life will change. Knowing how to free yourself once and for all from painful patterns? That’s a gamechanger!

What is Shadow Alchemy?

Shadow Alchemy (Shadow Work) teaches you to fall in love with resistance, ego, blocks, fear, and self-sabotage so they have no power over you anymore. So, when something comes up? You know how to dissolve it and open up a new timeline for yourself, quickly. We will use this modality so you can become your highest timeline.

I already do a lot of self-healing. How is Shadow Alchemy different?

Shadow Alchemy gives you access to profound healing and deep potent inner wisdom and manifestation. I have been teaching metaphysics, healing, meditation, and yoga for 25 years, and have never experienced anything like the deep shifts and manifestations I receive from Shadow Alchemy.

Accessing Shadow Alchemy allows you to use whatever is happening in your life, to receive downloads and guidance – it’s like a direct line to what you really need to know, without resistance or fear that may be in play otherwise… making you the greatest expression of your beautiful self.

I run a business / don’t run a business, is this for me? 

Yes gorgeous woman – most of my clients run businesses, but some do not. If you want to heal the relationship with yourself, heal painful dynamics quickly that are draining you and step into true peace in your body, so you do powerfully move forward, this container is for you. 

What is the time commitment?

Each recorded module is between 90 – 120mins long and rich in content to get you truly alchemising everything you are feeling and going through right now back into your peace and genuine light so your life shifts hugely. You can watch these when you like.

In the live Flourish Classes – where you’ll receive me coaching you live on what’s happening in your life, answering your specific questions – these happen every two weeks and are typically 120 mins long. If you can’t make the LIVE classes, they’ll be recorded with replays up the next day.

On the replay you will receive the same energies and activations as the live class as energy never “goes” anywhere! So you get 4 LIVE classes and 2 LIVE Splurge Classes. Splurge classes are for you to release your feelings so that your magnetic power can come rushing back in! 

What happens once I pay?

You’ll get immediate access, you’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know, so you can get started right away! You’ll get private FB access, the class schedule, and Zoom links. The FB group is optional, though I highly recommend it for support. I’ve had clients in the past create FB profiles just for the course and then close them again. 


Hi, I am Marina!

I coach women to flourish after narcissistic abuse, relationship difficulties and women who are ready to up-level fast.  I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

Stepping into your innate power and transforming the relationship you have with yourself so you continue to expand and dissolve painful dynamics in relationships is key! I want you being seen, heard, loved and celebrated in relationships. Alchemising all situations powerfully, becoming the powerhouse you know you are and having energetic boundaries, high standards and knowing how to treat yourself like a Goddess means you will heal and you will make the impact you are here to make.  

I’m the creator of The Narcissistic Template Method®. I’m the #1 best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 20 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, the Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book, podcast and free masterclasses in my FB group.