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It’s Not A Relationship If You Do All The Work

By June 9, 2023June 17th, 2023No Comments

It’s not a relationship if you do all the work. How do we create equal energy exchanges in our relationships?

Well… How much empathy do you have… for yourself?

You see, long after we’ve walked away from one-sided relationships and narcissistic relationships I see a pattern amongst the people I coach… … that although they are no longer with the narcissist… they are now the ones treating themselves in narcissistic ways.


How does that look?

You’ve taken over from where the narcissist left off so the narcissist doesn’t even have to be there!

So you won’t have empathy for yourself in any relationship which means you won’t feel how they affect you.

Or you’ll minimise the impact they have on you. Making excuses for them.

Or you’ll go back over an event, thinking how you could have done it differently to have a different outcome. Blaming yourself, being responsible for the health of the whole relationship, whilst having zero empathy for yourself and how their behaviour affected you.

Minimising how people affect you, means you are much more likely to remain in painful relationships… … And say yes to things that will emotionally hurt and drain you.

It’s hard to GLOW when you have a small amount of empathy for yourself. And especially when you are hard on yourself (just like a narcissist would be.)

Plus, you’re more likely to stay in what I call ‘quasi relationships’, where sure, they may feel like a step up from where you’ve been… but these people still don’t have capacity to care about you, your wellbeing, or your dreams… … but because you don’t truly feel how they affect you, you stay.

Never really being loved and nourished and supported and celebrated as you are meant to. Because my darling, you are meant to.

If your biggest wound has been relationships and narcissistic abuse, then the biggest healing you can give yourself is around real love and relationships.

Which is why the doors are open to The Flourish Collective, for you to flourish after narcissistic abuse and one-sided relationships.  

You can learn more here.


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