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You’re getting Lighter as the World get’s Heavier

By July 21, 2022No Comments

We ran the Receiving Retreat last night and it was FUN, FABULOUS (like you!) and we opened UP our ability to RECEIVE MORE easily – because we bloody deserve it!

So it’s not to late for you to receive the Receiving Retreat! The replay is now available and you’ll receive immediate access upon purchase here.

You’ll receive activations and Subconscious Alchemy and lifetime access so you can calibrate to a higher level of receiving anytime you want here.

And just a wee note for wherever you’re at… have you noticed that you’re feeling LIGHTER? How is that possible when the 3D world is getting heavier?

It’s because you signed up pre-birth to ASCEND.

So you will continue getting lighter, your intuition will continue getting sharper, the love you feel will continue GLOWING within you and you will experience higher levels of vibration, expansion and Godly abundance whilst you may read or witness the DESCENT of parts of our planet.

You will continue feeling better and better and wiser and wiser and lighter and lighter and you will continue healing and releasing and making paradise on this Earth for yourself.

Your timeline runs in parallel to the 3D timeline.You may look over from time to time and wonder if you are going to be safe?

Remember, 3D cannot control 5D. If you are ascending to 5D and beyond? They’ve already lost control.

Because there is no control in 5D. It simply does not exist. There is no polarity.

And so you continue to feel lighter and lighter,
and better and better,
and happier and happier.

And you knew this pre-birth which is why you are here. Here’s to you and I creating heaven on Earth in our glorious timeline! We are allowed, it’s time and we’re doing it!

Let it open up for you and let yourself live like you always knew you could!

Pic courtesy of Allef Vinicius. Thank you. x

Have a wonderful week,


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