Receiving Retreat


RECEIVE like the Goddess you ARE! EMBODY your Goddess receiving frequency so it’s much easier for you to receive money, love, support and success.  Receive Activations and Subconscious Alchemy to align yourself to your highest timeline ready for 2022!

Join us Thursday 9th December for 90 mins of delicious receiving on Zoom at  7pm UK time / 2pm EST / 11am PST / 6am Sydney. (If you are unable to attend live, you will receive the same energies and activations from the replay.) You receiving easily is your best Christmas present to yourself!


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Part of being on this planet is knowing how to receive it. So many times we’ll receive so easily from the higher realms via our crown chakra and third eye… but how easily are we receiving from the physical realms via our base chakra? I’m talking physical abundance in all forms, money, being fully physically supported by this planet and growing success in our life’s purpose. This is what we’re here to master… receiving from the physical.

If you identify as a light worker or starseed you’ll know this is your area right now that you’re growing. If you’d like to embody your receiving frequency and align to your highest timeline for 2022, join me for an evening of activations and alchemy.

Goddess = Choosing to have a Divine relationship with yourself.

We’re going to turn your Goddess Receiving Energy UP + ON which will permeate all areas of your life.  Are you ready? It’s time to RECEIVE like the Goddess you ARE!

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Marina has coached in shadow work for 17 years; transforming painful dynamics in people’s lives so they become the powerful, outrageous light leaders they were born to be! She helps people RISE with 1:1 coaching, masterclasses, releasing the Narc Template™ from lightworkers businesses and her #1 best-selling book and podcast, both called, Turn Yourself On. Marina also specialises in Theta Healing®, metaphysics and has taught Japanese yoga and meditation for 24 years.


5 reviews for Receiving Retreat

  1. Marina J

    Wow! Thank you so much! This was powerful. Lots of yawning and definitely feeling there’s been a huge shift. Receiving button is now switched on – I’m ready!

  2. Marina J

    My angel thank you for coming in my life and changing it. The day I started this masterclass I have transformed each and everyday.. my approach has changed… I was so sceptical to receive any type of help… Now I am not only open but receiving everyday… I am not exaggerating but I am really surprised at my self… I cannot put it in words there are so many Ah Aha moments… People arre calling me to help me for making my business grow.. clients are coming in everyday… You shifted my entire energy and got me out of that stuck and blocked feeling… I can’t even imagine that if this masterclass can do this to me your 6 week program would create wonders in people life…

    Once again thank you and keep doing your good work 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  3. Marina J

    Massively felt the shifts thank you, thank you, thank you Marina feeling amazing buzz. Grateful for your healing support, energy and knowledge. xx

  4. Marina J

    Thank you for your wonderful insights and for being a catalyst in helping me uplevel myself. You are amazing Marina! xxx 🙏

  5. Marina J

    My business is growing and growing and it’s becoming more and more successful, and I genuinely feel I deserve it!  Clients are complimenting me like never before.

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