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Be Soft with Yourself x

By June 29, 2022No Comments

If you grew up working hard for love, working hard to be seen and understood by those who were shut off from their own love? Notice, do you have to work hard for your own love? So it’s still hard to be really soft with yourself?

I mean sure, you go through the motions and take your vitamins and have that bath… but are you still withholding love from yourself? Because you haven’t “made it yet?” “Are not there yet?” “Haven’t reached your goal yet?” Are you still being hard on yourself because “you haven’t xxxx yet?”

Being rough with yourself is a program. It disconnects you from your centre and really being very soft and gentle with yourself.

Are you judging yourself for how you feel?
Or are you serving your deepest need right now?

Which if you’re honest might be to…

*Lie face down in a big star shape on your bed and be an amoeba.
*When you walk and feel like running, you just let yourself run.
*Or just stare at meme’s of cats all day on Instagram because it’s the only thing that doesn’t annoy you right now.
*Ha! What is it for you?

Treat yourself like a GODDESS Goddess!

*If you have no energy. REST. Fighting it will prolong the funk.
*If you’re in a funk can you RELEASE the worry that that’s how you’re always going to feel from now on?!
*Can you use the numbness and the blahness as your guide to what you really need right now and trust it?

Genuinely being soft with yourself so you don’t have to work hard for your own love is your way out. You deserve your own love now without having to do a thing. ❤️

PS – Over 700 of you have now joined GLOW Week so you glow. So come exactly as you are. Weird. Numb. Happy. Or who knows?! I’ve got you. We’re going to use how you’re feeling as a springboard into looking and feeling like the Goddess you ARE. This 3-day masterclass series begins next week. It’s free and it’s fabulous. You can join us here. x


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