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The Antidote to Feeling Blah…

By June 27, 2022No Comments

Another layer of illusion/enjoyment of the Matrix has peeled off us – can you feel it? It might show up as lack of motivation. Of not wanting to do things that used to bring you pleasure.

It might feel like you care less. You can’t be arsed. It might literally feel like nothing turns you on right now, to think of or to plan to do. So you might be feeling flatter than a flat pancake right now… kind of numbed out and blaahhh and you don’t know why.

The huge light that swept in on the Equinox (June 21st) is now integrating with us six days on which means it’s highlighting the illusion in what you used to like. (Maybe you used to like online shopping and even now that enjoyment seems to have gone!)

It’s also highlighting anybody you’ve been projecting your light and power onto and asking you to see the light in them without projecting onto them.

It’s making some of the things that you put up with in the past, feel intolerable to you now because you can no longer people please, lie to yourself or carry people who are not willing to do the work.

That rejection or ejection from what we perceive as “stability” is protection from a timeline we no longer belong on. Trust it because a mini 2-world split has happened again.

Don’t hold onto anything, even if it used to be so right, we’re vibrating out what no longer holds our highest joy.

We deserve support, real love, community and to really receive… we are ascending and what could slow us down is releasing us… either through us saying no or them saying no…

… Breathe in, trust and when you’re ready let some new DESIRES come in… that perhaps you had rejected in the past but are deeply important to you now.

What would happen if we all really trusted the process? The process of illusions being revealed to us? Without getting depressed by it, flatlined by it, disillusioned by it?

Because all the human effort that you once made to do or be, may now seem tiring, ridiculous and exhaustingly monotonous. Like, what’s the point?

Exactly… there is no point to it anymore. It was only ever a diversion to the real love you are calling in now.

Trust the process.

The antidote to Ascension Depression and the antidote to the extra AI I’ve felt trying to hijack this in the last 10 days is to humanly FEEL.

We humans ARE the antidote to all the unfeeling AI, we are the antidote to the dark and everything you’re feeling NOW is guiding you now – back to your turned on, lit UP self if you are brave enough to follow it and trust your insides and the power you hold right NOW.

Use your humanness to RISE. This IS our POWER. Exactly how you are feeling right now as you read these words… will lead you back to self-love and connection to yourself if you’re feeling disconnected.

Use your human feelings to alchemise your BLAH in GLOW.

Can you express how you feel today to music and really let it all out? I promise you that if you let your feelings out today by shouting them out, crying them out, dancing them out… you will reconnect back to yourself and the self-love that you hold for yourself.

You are more powerful than any AI, any distraction and anything that seems to be in your way right now – this is why you are here.

You’ve actually never been more powerful than NOW.

PS – This is what we’re doing in GLOW Week… we are the antidote. We are the answer that we seek. You’ll receive Pure Goddess Alchemy and Activations so more of your powerful energy is available to YOU!

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