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Turn On!

By June 21, 2022No Comments

If it doesn’t turn you ON? It’s not for you!

Even if it looks good on paper.
Even if ‘they’ look good on paper!

Babycakes there’s one thing I know – and it’s NOT go against my turn-on!

We have this inbuilt compass that gives us a fat YES or a huge NO and years of saying yes when we mean, no? Dilutes us.

Dries us out. I call it Dry-Out. Dry-Out is where you feel sucked dry by a part of your life or all of your life and quite frankly? Dry-Out™ ages us more than bad eating and bad relationships!

When we go against ourselves? And what we know inside? It’s the biggest flat-liner.

When we go against ourselves? And what we know inside? It’s the biggest flat-liner.

But when we ONLY say YES to what turns us ON? And leave behind what doesn’t?

We THRIVE. We FLOURISH. We GLOW – even if our lives don’t look good on paper.

In fact, we can THRIVE anywhere and specifically NOW.

No matter what you’ve got going on Goddess… you can create a day that turns you ON now…

With a question:

And it is… “Is this turning me ON or OFF?”  And then… FOLLOW it for as much as you can today… try it!

It always leads me to my highest timeline available because I’m using my inner compass to guide me.

Because if something doesn’t feel good, it’s not meant for me! That’s why “it” doesn’t feel good – it’s not meant to!

And if you’re in a ‘set’ kind of day…the question becomes, “How can I follow my BLISS today Higher Self? Show Me.” And you will be shown and guided as to how you can make today a day that turns your light ON, your happiness On and you ON, ON, ON!!

Effortlessly, because you’re already doing enough, right?

When you focus on doing what you feel like doing… you add to your turn on.

When you say YES to what would turn your light ON you turn your life-force ON.

And when you say YES to your deep longing inside for community, LOVE, for doing what you LOVE?

You get turned ON and LIT UP like the glorious light being you ARE.Love to you glorious light being,

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