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Navigating different consciousness levels

By April 4, 2022No Comments

Hey Goddess – how are you going? I feel like this is really important right now as we navigate rising out of our old selves…

I want to talk to you today about how to navigate different consciousness levels so you really honour yourself and your energy – especially if you need to say no to somebody.

When you don’t want to hurt somebody so you spend time explaining your boundary… and they reply… clearly not getting it fully…

… Just remember that they didn’t see you fully in the first place (so were already at a different consciousness level.) You knew that. Hence the boundary.

So why would it surprise you if their response reflected their consciousness level again?

And disappointed you?

People will see you and hear you and respond to you via their consciousness level.

Can you be at peace with them not getting it fully?

Can you keep your nervous system relaxed if they misunderstand you?

Can you do nothing if they project onto you instead of taking personal responsibility?

Resist the urge to over-give or over-explain further in order to avoid rejection.

Resist the urge to be seen by people who are already showing you they’re not able to.

And may never have been able to if we’re honest.

Do you see you?
What do you need right now?
See that and hear that and do that.

Otherwise you continue on a timeline with people who continually don’t see or hear you because you’re not hearing you.

Having discernment at the beginning of interactions is key.

The minute you need to say, “No.” = The moment you realise they’re not getting it, can’t hear you, or are only getting a portion of what you said.

Is the moment you go… ahh… you’re at a denser consciousness level… Ok I get it.

I’m not going to keep trying to be heard by you.

I’m going to honour you and me right now.

(Nothing wrong with being denser or lighter in our consciousness levels.)

Are you hearing your deepest need right now?

Give yourself that. In a world of so many different consciousness levels you deserve to be conscious with yourself.

Nobody needs to understand your boundary and why you need it but yourself.

Here’s how that looks in my life:

I get so many requests from people via messages on FB and IG to help them, and when I let them know they are welcome to book in as I can’t coach via messenger, I am often met with silence or a much shorter email back, that often seems like they’re hurt.

I have to remember that the level of consciousness it took for that person to ask to be coached for free, without offering anything reciprocal in return … Means that their response is probably going to be at that same level of consciousness… as their initial ask was.

I used to expect that once I explained it to them they would totally understand.

Now I understand that their consciousness level at the beginning showed me who they will probably be at the end.

If I remember this? I will no longer become disappointed with people when I say no to them, or explain something to them and don’t receive a response that inspires me.

Can you hear yourself and what you need during any interaction?

That is Goddessing.

That is you being your own best friend.

That is you honouring your beautiful energy and assisting it to stay that way.

Their level of consciousness is right for them and ours is right for us. When we recognise this we no longer take things personally.

I would hope that if somebody of a lighter consciousness comes into my orbit that they don’t take my response personally. That they see where I’m at and honour me and themselves regardless.

This is how we rise and this is how we keep our vibration high no matter where we are.

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