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Compassion without Distraction

By March 7, 2022No Comments

Back in February 2020 I recorded a video about not getting distracted from a particular emerging thing beginning with, “C.” I couldn’t have known then what I know now, but, I stand by what I said 100%.

And it is the same, today. Our actual, natural year begins and ends on March 21st of each year. It isn’t December 31st. What’s interesting is that we finish in March 2022 what we started back in March 2021.

Aaand The Global Narcs are finishing what they started back in February 2020 and are coming up with a new distraction. Bang on time as we are about to begin a brand new year on March 21st this year.

Different narrative. But same end result: Control by hitting us in the first three Chakras… Base, second and third. In other words, our safety, financial stability and the foundation of love, family and unity. Creativity, sensuality, the feminine, joy. And, our power to do what we came here to do. Who We ARE.

For many lightworkers, it’s the first three Chakras that they’ve often had the most problems with. Why? Because they’re more 3D based. They’re to do with the physical. And we’re more versed in the non-physical.

Compassion without distraction is what came to me this morning. Are you willing to hone your focus on your life’s purpose? More than you ever have? Can you have compassion for what’s happening in the world, without letting it distract you from what you are here to do?

Because ‘they’ want YOU to see THEM as the power… but actually, it’s YOU, right now. You’re the power they want you to forget. Whether you’ve got a thriving business helping the planet, or not. Whether you’re out in the world massively or not. It’s actually you.

That’s why you are here.

Just as you’ve walked away from Narcissists and one-sided relationships in your personal life… are you ready to do the same globally?

Are you ready to do the same internally?

Because it’s the same. Fear you see is what can take you out. It’s hard to create if you’re worried or financially strapped.

It’s easy to create and do what you came here to do if you’re regularly feeding those first three Chakras of stability, joy and yes, your power:

Are you willing to have so much compassion for yourself that you BACK yourself fully? And stop self-distracting?

And if you’re already focussed… are you willing to no longer be distracted by 3D marketing for example and DO your business your intrinsic way?

When we release that Narcissistic Template® from ANY part of our lives, be it relationships, money, or our businesses, we put in the powerful magnetic energy that was always meant to be in these three Chakras.

So we don’t just do what we came here to do, we receive what we came here to receive.

Each time we release The Narc Template, we ascend out of distraction, to love.

My wish for you is to not let your energy get harvested by distraction. Your energy is precious and it’s been designed to create great change on our planet. Thank you for being here.

What you do inside effects our outside world.

Can you practice compassion and love and focus without distraction?

Because that is what we are building. And you and I? We are the re-build team.

I no longer allow myself to get distracted out of my joy and my creativity. I allowed that for many years with Narcs and I no longer allow it with the Global ones.

This is what we’re doing in Goddess Week. We’re releasing The Narc Template® from our businesses and personal lives and we’re stepping into The Goddess Template™ AKA – how God intended us to live. That’s you RECEIVING. Massively.

Because I know you’re already giving, but now I want you receiving in your relationships and these three Chakras. Fully. Receiving fully in your relationship with money, with people and with this planet. This is you stepping into your untapped power. To join, click here.


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