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What is Goddess Week?

By February 25, 2022March 7th, 2022No Comments


Goddess Week is for you to receive more easily. So if you’re running a business right now and you know that you’re fucking awesome at what you do but you’re not receiving the abundance, support and success you know you should be… is it possible that you’re running The Narc Template in your business?

The Narc Template® is a template I’ve witnessed business owners putting over their business so their business treats them as a narcissist would. So they give freely to their clients but restrict their receiving out of fear. So no matter how hard they work they still don’t receive the money, support and success that they need to rise and lead with. (Aka what they were born to do.)

Goddess Week is right for you if:

  • You want to step into the innate power that you hold.
  • You KNOW you’re a powerhouse – but want momentum to really get going!
  • You’ve got GREAT things you want to create this lifetime!
  • You want to expand your capacity to receive abundance in your life and business.
  • You want to learn how to apply The Goddess Template™ to attract clients in your business.
  • You want to treat yourself like a Goddess (not Narc!) which means you RECEIVE in relationships.
  • You want to release blocks to receiving.

It runs in my Facebook Group and we’re going to be activating The Goddess Template, working subconsciously and embodying our creative power to not just DO what we came here to DO but to RECEIVE what we came here to RECEIVE.

That means LOVE in personal relationships and support and abundance and visibility and success for your life’s purpose.

You can do Goddess Week for your business or personal life. xx

And it’s free! It begins March 8-10th 2pm UK time and I would love to see you there!

If you want to come just know you can watch the replays if you can’t make it live, you could be in the draw to win a private session with me and I’ll be delivering the new information that’s been coming in!

Are you ready to treat yourself like a Goddess? (Instead of like a Narc?) Whoop! Whoop!

If that’s a YES, click here to join.


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