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New FB Group to Release the Narc Template™ from your Business

By July 2, 20212 Comments

If you’ve healed from Narcissistic abuse in your personal life or walked away from one-sided relationships, that Narcissistic Template™ can leak through into your business life, making it harder for you to receive money, support and success.

I’m seeing super talented people in business unconsciously run this Narc Template™ in their businesses, so no matter how much you do, or how talented you are, your business isn’t gaining traction, visibility and rising.

So I have created a Facebook Group for us light leaders to RISE. WOOHOO!

It’s called, Release the Narc Template™ from your Business and you can join here.

I want you receiving. I want you OUT there, being seen, heard, revered, cheered and being fully supported, loved and YES monied UP!! Because we need you – the light leader that YOU ARE at the TOP – LEADING! (With the global narcs at the bottom!)

A smidge about me if you’re new to me… For 23 years I’ve been helping leaders to heal themselves through shadow work, alchemy, activations, theta healing, metaphysics, Japanese Yoga and meditation. I’m the # best-selling author of ‘Turn Yourself On’ and also have a podcast called Turn Yourself On.

Do invite your friends to join – magic happens when we’re together RISING! You can learn more about it here.


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