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Hug yourself, don’t berate yourself

By June 8, 2021No Comments

If we betray ourselves in a conversation it’s just the old trauma talking. Don’t berate yourself, instead, can you hug yourself?

Know that you needed to do that then, when you were little to support yourself and protect yourself. Especially if you didn’t feel emotionally safe. Over-giving, people pleasing, making it all about them but not about you and your needs, helped you to survive in emotionally unsafe environments.

In the here and now, if you don’t feel emotionally safe – which can get triggered when meeting people for the first time or people who remind you of your past… like strong silent types who give nothing away for example…

… Notice if the old wounded you comes up for protection to ensure you’re not hurt, attacked or rejected.

I like to take my hands to my belly, breathe in and remind myself, “Body you’re safe.” I like to do this three times with my breath. (I’ve been doing this for the last 24 years ever since I learned to put my hands on my belly and breathe into them from my yoga teacher training. I just added these words in. You can add your own in. What would work for you? This is ancient and it works.)

Hug yourself, don’t berate yourself. Can you have compassion for yourself? It must have been overwhelming for you back then to still be responding in this way now.

Compassion for you will shift what just happened into more love for yourself.

How would I do this differently next time? I always ask myself this and I do a re-run in my mind, this time with my self-respect, self-compassion and boundaries in play. If I have compassion for me and for them in a conversation? Betraying myself becomes impossible. Honouring my soul now, to give abundance to my future soul later becomes my norm. Let’s normalise reciprocal interactions.

A few podcasts have come out since I last wrote to you:

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Episode 30: 10 Nervous System tips to Replenish your Mind, Body + Soul x
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