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Here’s what I do to stay robust, lit up and on FIRE

By November 2, 2020No Comments

How are you? My alchemy course starts this Wednesday, and you can still join us here before it’s not too late. Whether you’re in lockdown, your country is in ‘turnaround’ or you’re somewhere in between, knowing how to alchemise your fear, anger and despair into peace, power and action are incredibly important at this time.

Here’s what I do to stay robust, lit up and on FIRE to do what I came here to do – no matter what is going on in the world. Because, I ain’t stopping or going to get weighed down by the chaos!

  1. Robust: When you react with a big feeling: Let yourself go there. Don’t disappear up into your head to think things through or to spiritually bypass it with, “It will all be alright, the light wins…” IF you’re feeling scared, unsure, destabilised, angry, despondent, depressed, very tired all of a sudden, fill in the blank. Let yourself go there – into your body and express what you feel to process it first. How do you process your feelings? I simply let them out.
  2. Lit up: Use your alchemy! You have this power NOW to shift fear into peace. This doesn’t mean ignoring your feelings, “getting on with things,” or suppressing or denying how you’ve been affected by things. It means facing your shadows so they have no power over you anymore. How do you alchemise? I use shadow work. Meditation is not enough. I need emotional alchemy. I meet my fear and chat to her so she helps me instead of hurts me. I make friends with the parts of me I don’t want to feel. Peace then floods my body. Light fills me. Shadow work is so yummy!
  3. On FIRE! Get into creation and self-love. This is the gift of real healing = real freedom. I am free to be in my pure joy and create. Not because I’m Pollyanna, but because I’ve done the work. My light is genuine. It’s based on alchemising my dark into light. How do you get into creation?

In 48 hours we’re going to call your power back in and you’ll know how to turn what you’re feeling now, into the light, quickly. This is alchemy and you are born with this power. Master how to dissolve the painful dynamics in your life, so you can stay in creation as you navigate through these times. It’s powerful stuff and that is WHO you are.

Join me this Wednesday to become the alchemist you were born to be. It’s essential for these times. And essential for ascension. OO!  You can join us here.

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