Become the Alchemist you were born to be.

You hold within you the powerful ability to heal yourself from whatever is in your way, right now.

To take yourself from dark to light. Whether that’s personal stuff or the worlds stuff that has been negatively affecting you.

This power IS YOUR power to alchemise your dark into the light, your pain into freedom and YOU into your new life.

I’ve spent 16 years coaching clients from around the globe to transform their life and this is the first time I am ever offering this Course – to teach you how to become the alchemist you were born to be.

You have this in you! You have ancient knowledge in your DNA that is for you to unlock. It holds your path to ascension and together we’re going to unlock the relationship you have with yourself so you hear yourself and believe yourself and trust yourself so you navigate your own life fully in your power.


By strengthening this muscle in you – I call it the Alchemist Muscle. It’s the ability to heal yourself quickly. We’re taught to look outside for the alchemists – the doctors, the healers, the life coaches and the psychologists without really tapping into US. We were born alchemisers… you have this muscle in you – you just need to strengthen it. You can heal anything. Create anything. And you CAN become this power NOW.

This doesn’t mean we don’t need experts, we do. But it does mean to call our power back in and to use this muscle fully. When we do? Our sessions with the experts reach their highest impact because we are both in our super powers!

Would you like to strengthen your Alchemist Muscle? (That’s what I call it!)

Pick one thing you want to alchemise by the end of this course so you can practice and hone your alchemising ability:

You might choose:

  • To heal your skin of acne so you can go makeup free in 6 weeks.
  • To turn your continuing self-sabotage into deep self-care.
  • To alchemise fear about your future into faith and action.
  • To turn your self-doubt into a grounded self-trust.
  • To turn your fear and anxiety into peace.
  • To turn a relationship around.
  • To learn how to bounce back from adversity quickly.
  • To move from grief into the light present.
  • To alchemise your relationship with money.
  • To turn your heaviness into lightness and genuine optimism.
  • To accelerate your ascension.

These are just examples. What would it be for you?

Bring what you want to shift into these 6 Master Classes. It’s essential for ascension that we know how to turn our dark into the light and how to alchemise the darkness we witness in the world into the light quickly. This is not by being “light and love.” This is by facing your darkness squarely in the face and actually making friends with it. I will teach you how. As Carl Jung said, “The Gold is in the dark.” My grandfather Hans Jacoby, worked with Carl Jung in the 1930’s and I’d like to think he’d be proud of the work I am doing today. My grandmother too (she was a Jungian psychotherapist.)

We are ascending! But who knew it would look like this?! Know this: It’s impossible to get there without taking your whole self with you. That means: Your whole physical body, emotional body and spiritual body. Without shadow work? You cannot take your emotional body with you and that’s where I see so many powerful people get stuck.

You know this course is for you if you know you need to heal, want to increase your super powers and want community!

Here’s what you’ll get on this course:

  • 6 x 2 hour Live Master Classes that are recorded to use again and again to strengthen this muscle in you.
  • Access to over 100 healing classes and master classes for the duration of this course.
  • Access to our private FB group, your home for 6 weeks.
  • 1:1 private session with me as an option.

Your investment in yourself is £199.

With the 1:1 private session is £299.

*If you’ve been a beautiful client of mine on a 1:1 coaching program and would like to join us, please email me here to receive your 20% off code to put in at the checkout page. Please note this discount cannot be redeemed after payment.

If you want to transcend whatever you’re going through right now, you’ll receive coaching from me so you heal in real time during each Master Class AND you’re going to strengthen your own ability to heal yourself. So it’s win/win. You heal and you remember how to self-heal.  This course is for you to remember this ancient power that you have. It is for beginners and leaders alike.

These 6 Master Classes focus on mastering emotional alchemy:

1: Power Week: Call your power back in. Bring forth your ancient wisdom. Shadow work. Subconscious process. Remembering WHO you ARE.

2: Emotional Alchemy 1: Level 1: Learn how to heal with conscious shadow work to initiate yourself to your next level confidently.  Learn how to flip any feeling into a feeling that helps you, rather than hurts you. We work with your natural feelings here. We don’t deny or suppress any feeling. This is how you become comfortable in your own skin.

3: Emotional Alchemy 2: Level 2: Learn how to heal your issue to the core with subconscious shadow work and activations. Alchemise the feeling you hate to feel and make friends with this feeling or part of you that you’ve been at war with so it has no power over you anymore. Like your fear, neediness, failure, beauty, sexiness, self-sabotage, pain or success. What you can’t own? Owns you.

4: Emotional Alchemy 3: Level 3: Confidently alchemise a particular situation so you no longer need to keep repeating this lesson. The power is in you not this situation. Hone your skill to confidently heal your dark into light, anytime you want. This is not a flippant statement. Realise this power that you are. Learn how to clear painful dynamics from your life such as relationships, patterns, situations and being stuck.  What would it do for you to know you can heal yourself completely?

5: Forgiveness Week: Master the ability to genuinely forgive in this beautiful process to alchemise your past into pure freedom. Upgrade your system to no longer require forgiveness on either side, because at the same time, there is nothing to forgive.

6: Create Week: Hear your higher self, the higher truth, your spiritual team and the Creator clearly. Trust and move in this wisdom that is only designed for you. You are the wisest person you know. Let’s bring your magic IN! You ARE your own alchemist!

Optional: 1:1 private 60 min session to heal self-sabotage.

These 6 Master Classes:

Run on Zoom and you can choose to have your camera on or off. Learning is interactive or you can stay quiet… always honour yourself.

Each master class is on Wednesday at 9am – 11am London time, 8pm Sydney, 5pm Hong Kong. Click here to check your time difference.

The classes are on Wednesday 4,11,18,25 November and 2,9 December.

We’re going to do Shadow Work, Theta Healing, subconscious healing and re-programming, activations, meditations, higher self healing, and of course – you’re going to bring your own ancient wisdom to the fore. Questions? You can email me here.

We will also use whatever is happening in the world to heal within as needed.

You were born to alchemise your past present and future. x

You’ll know if this speaks to you. Join us below!


If you haven’t met me before – I’m a #1 best selling author, psychic life coach and speaker and for over 24 years, I’ve helped many people become the alchemist they were born to be. I do this through Shadow Work, ThetaHealing®, practical applications and metaphysics. If you haven’t been able to heal something in your life, it’s either because you haven’t found the right way for you or you haven’t been supported to heal it at your deepest level, yet.  You are built to heal what’s in your way. I help people through my 1:1 coaching sessions, courses and my #1 best-selling book and podcast, both called Turn Yourself On.