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2 Gifts + New Membership Opens!

By July 3, 2018November 12th, 2018No Comments

Ah Goddess, would you like to receive easily? Good! Because I have one gift for you, well two actually, but who’s counting?! Do you give more than you receive in relationships?

How easy is it for you to receive what you want from him? Or from the people you’re with?

Like a pay rise? Real help around the house? Support? Love? Attention?

When you know how to receive from people – You will no longer have relationships that drain you.

Would you like to receive more easily in relationships?  As a #1 best-selling author, life coach and speaker, it’s the #1 training I’ve given to hundreds of women around the world and it’s put the love, support, goodwill and happiness back into their relationships.

And my Goddess, THAT feels GOOD!

When you know how to receive? In a way that brings you closer to them? You’ll receive exactly what you’ve been wanting all this time.

What is it that you’ve been wanting?

Would you like the exact process I take my clients through, that’s given them pay rises, the  relationships they’ve always longed for and the support they deserve?  If that’s a yes, then I’m excited to share my new ebook with you! It’s fabulous and it’s my gift to you xx Click here to get it.

My vision is for every woman to become the Goddess she was born to be and to provide a home for her to do that.

And I’ve done just that:

This is your exclusive invitation to Goddess, You’re Home™.
Come in, kick off your heels, you’re home.

Goddess, You’re Home is for women who want to become the best version of themselves. Think power. Transformation. Self-love

Each month you get:

  • A LIVE coaching call with me that I don’t do anywhere else. We deal with self-sabotage, taking back your power, relationships, receiving, pleasure and learning The Marina Goddess Mindset so you treat yourself like a Queen!
  • A Resource Library with 50+ videos and transformational PDFs to transform any area of your life you’re needing. In your new home, there are 11 virtual rooms; such as,The Relationship Room for relationship issues. The Self-Love Room to fall in love with yourself just the way you are and The Healing Room for healing what’s in your way from your next level (think limiting beliefs, subconscious processes.)
  • A Private Facebook Community for daily support, sisterhood, giggles, accountability and glitter bombs of happiness.

Normally working with me is a 5-figure investment but for a limited time you can sign up to Goddess, You’re Home™ for just $33 per month.


When you join me, I’d like to thank you! So I’m gifting you a copy of Turn Yourself On At Home (valued at $149) my digital program which I’m only making available for the next few days.

Yep I know  – it’s a steal.

I am so passionate about helping us women RISE to become the Goddess we were born to be, and to provide a home for us to do that, that I wanted to make this easily accessible. It’s much more fun if we all rise together!

Want in? Follow this link

Have a gorgeous rest of your day Goddess!

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