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Hi, I’m Marina

And I love that we’re meeting like this! Because in my world? There’s only colour! There’s no settling for a beige life, compromising or being stuck in *Dry-out™ (*when you feel sucked dry by life.) You’re too beautiful for that.

I’m all about 3 things:

Empowering Yourself, Transforming Yourself and Really LOVING Yourself.

When you enter my world?

You’ll discover how to get yourself back if you’ve lost yourself. You’ll plug back into your light, power and RISE to where you belong. The relationship you have with yourself will change everything. Your relationships, your health, your money, success and happiness.

I ignite women to become the most powerful, intoxicating version of themselves.

Why am I so confident about this?

Because you’re built to make these changes and undo what’s happened; you’re built heal. I will help you heal yourself at your deepest level so you do free yourself from self-sabotage, self-doubt, repeating patterns, relationship issues and the stuff that’s holding you back so you’re free to get to your next level of happiness and success. It’s what I’ve been doing for over 15 years with thousands of women around the world and I LOVE what I do!

I’m a #1 best-selling author, life coach (aka Transformation Queen) and speaker.

I’ll help you find your voice and use it, raise your standards, walk tall, follow your intuition, trust your feelings, follow your desires and step into the best version of yourself.

My vision is for every woman to become the Goddess she was born to be and to provide a home for her to do that.

Whether you’re determined to reinvent yourself or just absorb glitter bombs on my website for pure inspiration today, make sure you’ve downloaded my gift How To Receive Exactly What You Desire which is the process and success mindset I’ve used to create the marriage of my dreams and the life I used to dream about! Join a class in Goddess, You’re Home™ my membership that has everything a woman needs to empower, heal and LOVE herself or get 1:1 coaching with me. My wish is that you leave my website feeling empowered and inspired.

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Almost 20 years ago my light went out. I suddenly became a single mum and my life flipped itself quite spectacularly, upside down. I was shattered emotionally, financially and spiritually. I know what it’s like to be on my knees, desperately wanting to turn it all around.

So I became a life coach, determined that this path would lead me to success… and it got me half-way there – but not all the way. And I wanted all the way May! So! I put myself on what would become my own program and within 6 months I’d turned my life around – my light turned back ON in a big way – baby I was back!

My life got magical after I began to heal and because you’re built to heal too, if you deeply commit to your beautiful self and this beautiful work? You can achieve it too.


Join Goddess, You’re Home

Everything a woman needs to
empower herself, heal herself and LOVE herself.


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Marina has made the biggest change in my business, my mindset and business has totally shifted since working with her.

I always knew my work was powerful and transformational but somehow I still had those old stories of not being good enough, the imposter syndrome, that bullshit mindset that held me back.

Working with Marina has helped me step into my full power. This power has enabled me to take inspired action and call in bigger amounts of money.

During my time working with Marina I’ve had online 5 figure launches, booked out clients and created multiple programs and courses directly as a result of the work I’ve done with her.

She helped me step into my confidence, clear my money blocks, clear the traumas and unhealed parts that were holding me back from stepping into full alignment to be the best version of me I could be and thrive in my business.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. Every session continues to blow me away and take me to the next level in my business. I can’t recommend Marina enough and am SO grateful to the life changing work she does.

Goddess, You're Home has:

Taught me So Much!  WOW! 

How to Be a Better Version of Myself and A Better Human Being
I Find it a Real Joy Being Part of This Group
Lots of Confidence
Support Towards my Goals
Relationship Advice
All-round Advice
Given me Emotional Support
Changed my Mindset
Made me More Independent
Has Loyalty and Support from Marina and the Other Goddesses
Given me a High Sense of Worth
Made me Feel Validated
Made me Feel Appreciated
Made me Stronger Inside
How to Heal Myself from Within
Helps me Stay Aware and also Assertive with the Bullies I Encounter.  At least I do not feel so Alone and Now Have a Way to Process and Heal each time
It helps stop me procrastinating and makes me much more proactive to be creative regarding my musical journey

I Enjoy my Life Journey and Musical Journey with this Group cheering me on!  It is Helping me to Blossom and Become Who I am Meant to Be!

What an incredibly inspiring and uplifting group to be part of in Goddess, You're Home!

As a busy woman juggling all of life's hats, we can feel left at the bottom of the jar sometimes. Marina is my Happy Pill (!) and reminds us of our life force, power and inner love! XXX

I really have you and this group of absolutely amazing women to thank in Goddess, You’re Home.

I’ve never felt this supported before and I’ve really noticed things shifting internally. My Mum said to me the other day that I look and sound better than I have in ages. Good to know the internal changes are showing on the outside too.

– FIONA T, Australia
You know your stuff, you believe it and you practise what you preach.

I feel so comfortable with you and you are so much fun to work with plus your book really helps to reinforce sessions for me.  You genuinely care and show me how to heal. I don't just get to talk about my feelings, we work through them and you help me heal, and guide me to be my best self, and listen to my inner voice. You are the complete package!

When I first came to Marina, I knew where I wanted to be in life, I just didn’t know how to get there. I knew I was so much bigger than the life I was living.

I’d had these dreams for years, big dreams, but how to make them come true? One day I passed an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years and she looked – happy. I mean REALLY happy. I asked her what she’d been doing and she said, “I saw a life coach, Marina J a couple of years ago, and it’s the BEST thing I ever did!” I contacted Marina straight away, and whilst I felt really nervous, I also knew she was the right person for me.

Her mix of fun, deep healing coaching sessions and razor sharp intuition skyrocketed me from my old life into my new very amazing life! I worked for it, I did everything she set me and I now I find myself here and I feel teary as I write this. I now live a life that excites me! I am no longer a single mum. (It’s not a bad thing, but you know… ) I met the love of my life during Marina’s coaching program and we live the life I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so happy!

I’ve created a business I love and I’m still catching my breath! But you know what? THIS life fits me! It’s the life that I always knew was possible for me and now I’m living it? I wake up with the hugest smile on my face. I’ve become the woman I always knew was bubbling away inside of me! Your coaching has impacted me like no other. Thank you for your honesty, love and wisdom.

She just gets IT! More laughter than tears. Marina is colour. She is a healer She is a matchmaker ME + ME = LOVE.

Marina is a guide. guiding you back to you, the you you lost, the you you gave away, the you you disregarded for someone else. The you you forgot to love. She is a teacher, finally after years of searching I found the one, the person to teach me how to heal me! No rehashing, unlike other therapists you are on treadmill of trauma and tears, trauma and tears until you are a broken shell. Then time is up, (you are sinking further) you leave feeling emotionally exhausted and drained with NO mechanisms or skills to manage your feelings. Marina skills you up.

The real me is back- shining through. The friendly, warm, open version of me instead of the resentful, exhausted, snappy, anxious, scared closed off version of me.

I can see it in the way people respond to me with warmth and friendliness, engaged and chatty to me. I make them feel good. They make me feel good. Perfect!

I need to tell you that I don’t know where I would be now without Marina’s coaching. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. It was not easy at times facing my darker side.

I have a better relationship with myself. I don’t expect myself to be able to do everything + be everything to everyone.

I am much better at communicating in general + my needs in particular and asking for help.

My relationships with my (adult) children is completely different. They value and respect me, as well as loving me.

I feel and see so much more joy in the world, in life.

I know I am enough, just the way I am.

I’ve always had trouble feeling like there was a “me”. It was never that I had “lost my old self” or felt that I had lost something. But more that I never really knew who I was.

I had been seeking therapy for years and I still felt absent. Feeling lost isn’t really a phrase to describe it either. Just never "really there." When I met Marina, I still have no words to describe the experience now as I write this, she didn’t “find the old me” but rather gave me a new life.

Marina wasn’t just someone I gushed all my problems to once a week. Without a doubt Marina was there and will even continue to be there (even after we’ve parted ways for now) for me through everything. She is genuine, honest, extremely diligent and exceptionally authentic.

Before Marina I was unable to cope with the most basic everyday stresses. I wasn’t feeling this way for a short period of time either, this was years upon years. I now wake up excited, to be honest sometimes I don’t even know what about, and that’s the most beautiful thing about it. I wake up feeling love in my heart and my absolute self. I’ve struggled to write this for a long time, because no words seem to do Marina justice. She is by all means, an amazingly life changing person.

Marina J has a wonderful and unique approach to our patterns of thinking.

She then helps you create a wonderful life and helps you in a way no other coach would approach it, but it works! No more antidepressants for me (had been on them for 20 years) until Marina J and I worked my way off them. You have a voice that leads into and draws right from my heart and soul.

I have been working with Marina J for a couple of months now as well as taking advantage of her online Goddess Your Home video series.

After playing in the Goddess Rooms, on the membership site, I find Marina to be AMAZING!!! Her energy and ease with which she conducts these videos is so inspiring and natural. You always get the feeling that she is talking only to YOU. She's speaks into the camera with sudden pauses asking for the viewer to participate and then chimes in as if the session were live! I leave these videos as refreshed as a live session and if that weren't enough, she has PDF downloads for further self-care if one desires. Truly a wealth of information and guidance. Can't thank you enough for helping me get to the next level and it's just the beginning! 🙂

Much love

You deeply care, you see blocks, and assertively call clients on their issues/ games/ limiting beliefs.

You blend awareness, excellent training with psychic perception to reach into the dark corners.



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