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Need To Receive Bella?

By June 18, 2018November 12th, 2018No Comments

Can I tell you? I am utterly exhausted. Spent. Need to receive. Need to stop. So what did I do? I just created a five day challenge for myself to receive more this week. More pampering, more lying flat, more love for beautiful me.

Then I thought, what about you? Because I know you’re doing a lot too.

Know what I’m about to offer you?

*A 5-Day Challenge for you to RECEIVE this week! Self-care, self-love, ??? What is it that you need to receive more of? And to be supported to do it.

*The chance to win a month with me!

*A free live video I’m doing tomorrow for you to receive more and I’ll explain how you can win, plus I’ll be announcing something very special that I’ve been working on for months!

Would you like to receive more for yourself this week? Come and be inspired, loved and supported.

We start TODAY in my brand new FB group called The Goddess Lounge for women who feel everything like me and love healing stuff! It’s a high vibe group and we’ve already started inspiring each other to receive deliciously this week!

See you on the video tomorrow, but you have to join up before 9.30am tomorrow to watch it plus I’ll also be answering your questions live!

Looking forward to answering your questions tomorrow and inspiring us to receive more this week so we look better, feel better and raise our energy levels.

Join me here to get the details

And stay tuned – I have a very exciting gift for you in the next couple of weeks plus the doors are opening to something pretty special and I can’t wait for you to come in!

See you next time!

Have a gorgeous week of receiving Goddess – you deserve it!

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