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The Cinderella Competition

By July 29, 2015December 2nd, 2018No Comments

OOO I’m so excited! I’ve got a competition for you! And to win it? You’ve got to be really kind to yourself.  Welcome to the Cinderella Competition where your self-love is gonna win you stuff!

Who are you serving?

The reason I ask is because every time you’re not where you want to be you NEED to invest in yourself to get there.

So you’re free to create a life you love.

Do you treat yourself like a Queen or more like Cinderella?  Are you subsisting on crumbs?

You know how important you are, yet why is it easier for you to serve a friend – “yep I’ll be there at 7am no probs.”
And yet when it’s for you – you’ve noticed that you kind of slip?  You’re not there as much for yourself as you are others.

Have you noticed how easy it is for you to devote time on the phone to your girlfriend, to your kids, but when it comes to you you’re slower to book that massage in?  You’ll spend ages finding a present for someone but won’t gift yourself a simple bath every night to sit and relax in.  You kind of have this weird blind spot for yourself.

Like you know you need help with that thing – you want to eat better, exercise more – really take your life to the next level – but instead of investing the goodness in yourself  you say: “Nah I’ll do it later. I’ll do it after this.  I’ll just finish my coffee.

Cinderella – the outside world may believe that you’re being sooooo good to yourself but actually if you’re honest with yourself?

You don’t serve your dreams first. You don’t serve your health and wellbeing first. You kind of act like an ugly sister to yourself – you expect yourself to serve others…but you don’t serve yourself first.

Why do we women find it so hard to invest in ourselves?
Answer? = Who Cares!

Umm…isn’t serving yourself first kind of selfish?

Cinderella – SELFISH is the BEST thing about you when you’re this bad at giving back to yourself! It’s time to take those rags off – THROW them off and step into your next dressy level of sparkly SELF-LOVE.

Let’s put something BRAND new in you! A new habit that really makes you look GOOD feel GOOD and ahhhh take you to the next level of health, business success, your happiness. YOU deserve it!

You ready?
 Because we’re all going to do this together.

From Cinderella to Queen in 30 days – I’m laying down a challenge to you!

The Cinderella Competition*

(*Open to Australian Residents only.)

I challenge you to invest in yourself more than you have been every day for the next 30 days so you reach the next level of health, business success, your happiness! It might be a simple walk you take, a bath you take, a new course you take, a new life direction you take! Inspire me. Inspire your sisters with ideas!

So each Monday, Wednesday and Friday head over to my Facebook Page and there’ll be a gorgeous self-love action to take or pick your own. When you like and comment positively on that post about how you plan to invest in yourself that day you’ll naturally be in it to WIN!  And she who likes and positively comments the most over 30 days? Will WIN a Self-Love Care Pack worth $222 at the end of 30 days!  OOO! I so want it to be you! Want to know what your self-love is gonna win you?

A Personalised Daily Eating Plan Just for You from fabulous Naturopath Hannah at Natural Health Forever 
– worth $80


Sage and Mage 3 tiny Natural Perfumes, Meditation Balm, Chamomile + Calendula Shea Butter Remedy, Energetic Space Clearing Spray
– worth $95


Become Your Own Best Friend Home Healing Program
to Stay Free from Self-Sabotage This Month by yours truly
– worth $47

Head over to Facebook now and LIKE my page so you receive the Self-Love Action of the Day, and join the inspiring conversation on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays for the next 30 days.
And at the end of 30 days? You will have created a brand new habit of investing in yourself.



Shall we do it? Shall we do it?? Let’s invest in ourselves and feel GREAT! This is my gift to you xx

LIKE my page and answer a very special question I have for you to get you started NOW. (I’ll see you there!)

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