Become Your Own Best Friend…

and Stay Free of Self-Sabotage This Month.

Home Healing Program 

You know when you’re being your own best friend and you know when you’re not.
When you want what you want and you make sure you get it – that’s you being a best friend to you!
(When you want what you want and subconsciously make sure you don’t get it?
…You’re your own worst enemy.
And life feels so much better, so much happier, so much sweeter when you can trust yourself so you:
  • Stop harming your chances, your dreams, your life
  • Succeed, finally
  • Live that glorious, rich life you know is waiting for you
  • Turn your self-sabotage into an addiction for self-love, confidence, self-belief…

Now you’ve found a way to free yourself of self-sabotage (from my free class to you, click here & add your name & e-mail in any one of the boxes) – how do you ensure you stay out of it for the whole month?  Have you ever done it before?  What’s involved?  I mean really, do you even want to go there?  If you’re not sure this is probably your blind spot. This is where you, in the past have probably slipped and gone back into sabotaging your health, your happiness, your energy, your success.

Can you imagine if you never ever reach your fullest potential this lifetime?

I don’t want this for you. I want you feeling fantastic and living the life that’s waiting for you now! Not later.
Can you imagine what later will look for you after another 10 years of fighting with yourself?  Of stopping yourself?  Of not getting real health, real happiness, real energy and real success in your life?
Can you imagine what you will look like?  How much happiness can you expect?

This is the right choice for you:

  • If you’re sick and tired of sabotaging yourself, stopping yourself and slowing yourself down.
  • If you want to stop procrastinating, and stop, finally, doing that thing that really gets you down.
  • If you don’t like who’ve you become – you know you’re better than this
  • If you overeat, you’re plagued with self-doubt and the way that you talk to yourself is mean, critical and undermining
  • If you pick a fight to push that person away because you’re frightened of real love
  • If you’re so busy deciding that you’re not good enough, that you can’t do it, that you stop yourself
  • If you’re so worried about failing and the thought of success is like a weight on you, so you don’t try
  • If you’re scared that success will mean alienation from those you love or that you’ll lose something
  • If you want to become your own best friend and have all the good feelings that go with it like:
  • If you want to feel confident, worthy, valuable, successful, loved, have high self-esteem
  • If you want to become addicted to self-love – because it feels oh so good and really believe in yourself?
Then this is the right choice for you.  Because the first month after you heal is the most important to get right.

This is not the right choice for you:

  • If you think you can handle this pain for a little while longer.
  • If you’re suffering from addiction.

And I know how you feel when you’re stuck in self-sabotage and when you’re deep in it?  It’s a hard place to be.  I know, I’ve been there and so has everybody I know. The difference is – like the people who have gotten themselves out of it – are you ready to raise your standards for yourself?  Are you ready to treat yourself better?  What structure can you put into place for yourself this month to support you?

In this home study you will receive:

  • The monthly structure you need to STAY free of self-sabotage this month
*The 7 steps are:
  • How to become addicted to self-love (part 1)
  • Morning meditation to set you up for success
  • Evening meditation to settle yourself
  • Establish your new mindset
  • Listen to this to stay strong during the month
  • Deepen your healing: FREE yourself of self-sabotage process – downloadable
  • Structure to support yourself
  • Bonus: Listen to this if you self-sabotage again
  • Bonus:  You’re free: What to do with the extra energy?

*Comes with the E-book: Become Your Own Best Friend

I will guide you through this next month so all you need to do is listen to my voice, fill out the e-book and follow the steps.  You will clear yourself of self-sabotage and you will succeed. And in doing so?  You will become your own best friend – and that I believe is the best ever present you could give yourself – for the whole rest of your life!

You will receive:

  • 9 audio’s
  • Become Your Own Best Friend E-book

PS. All my home healing programs are priced super well to be as accessible as possible.

My love to you

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching