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Self Doubt + Self Sabotage

How I personally shift from self-sabotage to self-love

By December 1, 2014December 3rd, 20182 Comments

Have you listened to the audio (to free yourself from self-sabotage)* yet?  I just shared it with my inner circle – aka those on my newsletter list. If so this is the first step of you moving from self-sabotage to self-love – you’re on your way! Yaaaaay!

I’m so happy for you – you’re so lovely and you utterly deserve this! Healing yourself from hurt each month is the most important skill you’ll ever learn for your health and happiness.

And healing yourself from self-sabotage is the most important tool you’ll ever learn because without this you’ll stop the success you create on a daily basis – and that’s just not YOU anymore!

I’m going to share how I personally shift from self-sabotage to self-love:

The 2nd step as you’d have heard at the end of the audio is to move your feelings up and out of your body – have you made space during your day yet to do that for yourself? The process you just did with me can bring up feelings of anger – and it’s natural when you think about it isn’t it? To be angry at yourself for doing this to you. (Past tense – you’re not longer back there anymore tra la la la la.)

Can you pick a time today to walk angrily, dance angrily, move angrily?

Now you’ve found a way to free yourself of self-sabotage – how do you ensure you stay out of it for the whole month? Have you ever done it before? What’s involved? I mean really, do you even want to go there?

And where would there be? There would be the 3rd step – which is you making a point of supporting yourself this month. The first month after you free yourself is the most important to get right.

You’re moving away from that old way of being and so in its place we’re going to add dollops of self-love in…

And the 1st delicate dollop? Is gorgeous you creating a new mindset for yourself – a new approach that you establish so deeply that you move naturally from it each day.

And next? Is for you to create a new addiction – the most fabulous one of all – self-love – ahhh. Like setting your day up for success with a beautiful morning meditation and finishing your day with a gentle meditation to settle you for sleep.

I call it topping and tailing my day with love.

Another dollop of self-love you’ll want to add is to create structure in this first month to support yourself – so you are fully supported to succeed. (You deserve it.)

So grab some paper (if it’s pretty all the better, you know me) and at the top write

“From self-love to self-sabotage because I bloody deserve it”

…and write out exactly how you’re going to support yourself this month. Who can you ask to support you? Do you need to clean out your cupboards? Start the day with a fresh green juice to set you up? Say no to that person who drains you? What can you let go of? How can you support yourself? And how can you keep healing inside so you feel lighter and happier each day?

It might seem like a lot but it got me thinking – what if I did this for you? Put it in an easy to follow format that you could play during the month with a gorgeous e-book?

Wouldn’t that make it easier for you to move into self-love and kind of rapturously stay there? Because even the word self-sabotage is kind of ugly isn’t it?

Become your own best friend is for you xx It’s a powerful set of healing exercises for you to become addicted to self-love. Together we’re going to set up your new mindset for success and you’ll start your days happy and light with a morning meditation and relax deeply with the evening meditation (which includes yoga nidra).

I won’t go into it all here – but I’ve thrown in some extra bonus’s too like what to do with that extra energy you’re going get now you’re fully on your way and “listen to this if you self-sabotage again.” You’re completely taken care of. Plus you’ll find yourself healing a few more things along the way to make this next coming month light, happy and energised, and you…vibrant with self-love.

Whatever you do this month I’m going to challenge you to treat yourself beautifully…

…because your happiness is everything.

You’re bright, brilliant and beautiful and you deserve to be your own best friend now and forever.

Click here to begin now

I’d love to hear how you’re going – tell me below – how are you going to support yourself this month?

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  • Suzy says:

    This is something I really struggle with so I found this really helpful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. It connected deeply with me and I will be ultra aware of when I self-sabotage in the future (like when I binge on chocolate!) and how to change my thought processes and behaviour. Thank you.

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