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The Guy I want for You

By November 5, 2014December 3rd, 20182 Comments

So this past month we’ve been talking about the 3 main types of guys who have the most to teach us – we’ve had S.G (Surface Guy), P.G (Potential Guy) hmmm….who do you think is the 3rd type of guy who has the most to teach us?

I give you numero 3 – f.g. – Final Guy.

And he has the most to teach us – because he breaks down our cold exterior hard shell that we’ve had to keep up to keep those other guys OUT! F.G. Final Guy. The sun sets with him and rises with him.

He looks at you and you melt. He is far gentler on you than you are on yourself. He would drop everything in a heartbeat for you and regularly does – unless you block him. He doesn’t perve after other women, leer at women or make you feel uncomfortable around other women.

In fact he does the opposite – he makes you feel like a Goddess when you’re around other women

and they often say to you how lucky you are and instead of thinking if only you knew like you did with those other guys? You go all soft and gooey and say with large saucer eyes, I know.

Because you do. You know this is your final guy. The guy you will set all standards to. The guy your friends internally set their standards to and the guy your children will set their standards to when they start looking for their very own beautiful relationship. And although you feel this way about him, Final Guy is humble – he doesn’t need to show off because he has nothing to prove. He is your hero. He wants to make you happy. He will sit for hours doing homework with your kids, or tinker on your pc to fix it even though he hasn’t really a clue. He does it because what’s important to you is important to him – because you are his No.1. He knows it and because he knows it, you know it. Deep, deep down in your heart.

And so you’re free from the worry and angst that used to permeate your relationships, and oh the insecurity! Ugh! Now you’re free to throw your head back and laugh with this man. Free to weirdly be yourself and utterly loved from your head down to your toes. He loves and adores you. He cannot wait to come home and see you. And boy does he see you! He really, really sees you. And you LOVE that!

He strengthens you, never weakens you and you’ve become twice the woman you once were since you met him.

You know this is final guy. Sure there may be guys after him – I mean who ever knows the future? But in your heart where the truth lives you know that this guy out of all of them has the most to teach you. And it’s been an absolutely pleasurable class – where instead of tears and lurching stomachs you’ve received love like never before. And the good news? It get’s stronger with each year. You reach new heights personally each year because of it. This man adds to you. The sun sets and rises with you and he thanks his lucky stars he met you. He’s your hero, lover and best friend all rolled into one. The MasterClass in Love has begun. May it never end.

Leave a comment below and tell me the most loving things your final guy does for you – we want to be inspired!  Or what you know YOU deserve from him when you meet him…?

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