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Crying and Strawberry Ice-Cream!

By April 11, 2023No Comments

Trying to stay upbeat when we feel tired, down, anxious, flat, horrible, numb, unsure, worried or weak is like putting ice cream on top of poo. IT DOESN’T WORK!

You can lick at the positively pink strawberry ice-cream all you like, with mindset and meditation and affirmations and pushing through being an All Action Barbie Babe…

… but at some point, you’ll get down to the pooey bit you’ve been trying to avoid.

Yes that feeling. 

When you deny or suppress how you truly feel with positive thinking?

That toxic positivity only works – for as long as you’re thinking it.

And then the internal war begins.

You can’t meet yourself deeply because you’re too scared to, and so you will keep deep wisdom and deep relationships at arms length.

How do we stop the internal war?

That push-pull inside of us stops when you realise there are no negative feelings. Just feelings that haven’t been listened to yet.

I let all my feeling out over the Easter Weekend over a couple of days actually. I cried, allowed myself to feel completely flat, spoke out my greatest fears.

I wasn’t scared of it. I revelled in it and yelled like a banshee and cried huge hot tears – LOUDLY! And boy am I an ugly crier! And I LOVE that about me!

Today I don’t feel any of these fears – they’ve completely left my body, nor do I feel flat or tired… I feel light, really happy, I have a lot of energy and I am in full on creation mode – like it never happened!

That is true alchemy. 

When we express how we feel fully, our magnetic power comes rushing back in. And it’s genuine. No internal war… just pure light.

I’ve opened up a new timeline for myself.

Your body is so beautiful. She will keep on giving you these feelings until you honour them. She loves you so much, she will not allow you to spiritually bypass her wisdom.

When we’re brave enough to express how we feel, these feeling will always lead us back to self-love.

(That’s why they’re in us.)

This is conscious Shadow Alchemy at it’s finest and it’s how I flourish on the down days. When we know how to do it, feeling peaceful becomes our normal baseline.

In my world, we use our dark to become the light and become the outrageously powerful, vibrant, successful women we know we are inside, where reciprocal relationships and you being emotionally supported this year AND rocking your signature fucking gorgeous energy becomes the NORM! If you want these results for yourself, let me know here. x


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