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Denying our Depths is Denying our Power!

By March 24, 2023No Comments

When we’ve denied, suppressed, abandoned or rejected parts of ourselves, it’s time to reclaim them so we can become fully expressed and whole again.

Denying or suppressing how we really feel, leads to exhaustion, depression and not acting in our best interests. 

Denying our depths is denying our power.

It’s hard to be in our power when we’re operating from half of ourselves. 

If we only allow ourselves to be half of ourselves – the professional at work, the kind, reasonable, functional parts of ourselves – then we lead a half life.

Never really flourishing longterm, never really LIVING.

Is it time for you to reclaim your power your energy and your light?

From what happened, or from what’s happening?

Because when you know how to make peace with the parts of you that you don’t like, and from painful dynamics and painful things that are/have happened?

You free yourself from painful situations in your life – they literally dissolve because you’ve alchemised your dark into the light. So external situations that may have gone on for years – dissolve back into the light. 

And you reclaim your light, your power and your freedom.

People look at me and think I’ve had an easy ride. They have no reference point for what truly alchemising the dark into the light could look like.

It’s an absolute power play. It’s how my clients win court cases, it’s how I’ve stayed light and in my power, since I learned Shadow Work 19 years ago and it’s how I’ve freed myself from narcissistic abuse, created a love affair for life with Paul and created a multiple 6-figure business that I LOVE. 

What do you get if you join the 8-Week Shadow Alchemy Course, to become the powerhouse you are here to be?

We’re going to:

  • Heal your biggest core wounds and turn them into your biggest power
  • Move into deep self-acceptance, love the parts you don’t like
  • Uncover and heal the hidden dark and light shadows that are stopping you from moving forward
  • Learning Shadow Alchemy means your pain and anxiety/self- sabotage/feelings/worries will no longer have power over you
  • Free yourself from a painful dynamic within yourself or in a relationship
  • Transform any situation back into its highest timeline
  • Feel emotionally healthy and balanced. Reclaim your light

You’ll know exactly how to heal anything that’s in your way to reach your highest timeline, whether that’s narcissistic abuse or relationship issues or something to do with you, any time you want. And that is real confidence. 

Because moving forward, nothing will scare you. 

… You won’t leave this year with the same life lessons you entered with.

If this speaks to you, email me here and mention the Shadow Alchemy Course and I’ll send you the deets! 


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