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Who are You Not to be Successful?

By March 23, 2023No Comments

Can I tell you how successful you are? And would you believe me? Or are you still projecting your success onto somebody else – who you think is doing it better than you?

Comparing yourself to another is like letting all the air out of your tyres… you just won’t go anywhere. You’ll stop creating and progress will be slow.

It’s one thing to admire somebody – but it’s another thing to believe that they have something – that you do not.

You couldn’t recognise the success, brilliance and genius in another – if you had no counterpoint within yourself.

Who are you not feel successful today?

Who are you not to believe in your own zone of genius?

When you OWN the light you recognise in others, you’ll hold your own when you’re around them or when you’re thinking about them.

Shining brilliantly and feeling good about yourself, you’ll be able to serve well known people that inspire you, without feeling inferior or hiding that you’re not where they’re at right now.
No. More. Hiding.

You’re a Goddess! It’s time to STEP into and SHINE your fucking glorious LIGHT!

When we own the traits that we’ve been projecting onto others, like brilliant, beautiful, successful, lucky, rich, abundant, happy; we stand TALL no matter what we look like today, no matter what we’re wearing, no matter how we’re feeling.

Because our light is no longer conditional on how we feel – we don’t need to be positive for positive things to happen! THAT is spiritual bullshit!

Our light is no longer reliant on things going our way or people being nice to us. Our happiness is no longer dependant on what we do or don’t do and our successful self is no longer needing outward results.

What we own no longer owns us.

When we OWN the light parts of us? We become the greatest expression of ourselves that is no longer co-dependant on the outside world. We can generate whatever feeling we are yearning to feel no matter where we are which means we manifest the new, rather than become the outside world.

And on tough days we own our dark shadows that we’ve also been projecting onto others so we dissolve challenges quickly…

… so we continue moving forwards into the expansion that is ours!

So, I wanted to let you know that we’re healing core wounds in my Shadow Alchemy Course that starts next week so you become the light, energised being that you are!
Knowing how to turn your dark feelings into the light without spiritually bypassing them with toxic positivity is REAL LIGHT that you keep forever!

… You’ll free yourself from self-sabotage, beating yourself up and acting like you’re still not good enough … and you’ll reclaim your light, your power and your freedom from the same old problems that have been going round and round.

You’ll receive 8 modules to heal your shadow, your relationship with yourself and free yourself from what happened in your past and what is happening in your present.

Yes you have the power to do this and it doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why I don’t call it Shadow Work. I call it Shadow Alchemy and I’ve helped thousands of people over 19 years clear their painful dynamics and become the people they knew they were inside.

Email me here and mention the Shadow Alchemy Course if you’d like the deets! 

Who are you not to feel and be fabulous today?

I’ve just thrown the gauntlet down at your feet! And it’s a sparkly one! xx


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