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Is your Core Wound Re-Surfacing?

By March 22, 2023March 23rd, 2023No Comments

Our feelings have the power to pull us out of action, momentum and moving forward. With the extra light that’s been pouring in, many of us have felt our core wounds re-surface.

Core wounds sound like:

I’m unlovable – So we may have made a decision at an early age to become useful instead. This leads to a lifetime of people pleasing, ensuring we cement an important place in people’s lives.

To do this we must create a habit of abandoning ourselves in interactions – loving them but not ourselves – is this painful trade off.

Then we wonder, “Why don’t I have relationships with people who genuinely care about me?”

It’s because at some stage, you decided to become useful rather than just “be” (and then risk losing people.)

Often with this core wound, people feel they need to do something to ensure nobody leaves them, dislikes them or rejects them. Being useful = I ensure love.

Ironically this core wound leads to rejection in the end because the relationship was built on conditional love. If a relationship is not built on real love – I love me and I love you in this interaction – it is already crumbling.

Your Higher Self simply won’t allow you continue.

Cause you’re meant to know real love this lifetime! What would happen if you didn’t fix/help/over-give/honoured your energy level next time you speak to someone? Do you feel safe to do that? Making it safe for yourself is a great place to begin.

The core wound of unlovable often leads to people either shutting themselves away after years of disappointing relationships or being hyper vigilant to people’s facial expressions and responses, so relationships are exhausting and not very fulfilling for them.

There are many other core wounds…

… Our core wound is what we are here to transform this lifetime, and when we do? We’ll no longer make what happens with people, to mean something about ourselves, like we’re unlovable.

Because believing we’re unlovable stops us from taking risks, from putting ourselves out there in the dating arena, business arena, social media, any arena! It stops us from speaking up, from standing in our truth and from knowing we are completely lovable and the iridescent glow that comes from that.

Because the truth is, you are completely lovable, just the way you are. And knowing that in all your interactions is key to having a very different experience in relationships. You are so easy to love!

This is what we’re doing in my Shadow Alchemy Course – healing the relationship we have with ourselves so we become free to just “be” in relationships.

Dissolving longterm situations in one session and knowing how to do it with ease.

And we’re going to transform our biggest core wounds into our biggest power so we are free to move forward, and become the greatest expression of ourselves. Deep work gives deep results.

I love you Goddesses and have created something truly special for you. Message me here and mention the Shadow Alchemy Course if you’d like the deets! Spaces limited. xx


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