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You are Very Easy to Love

By March 20, 2023March 24th, 2023No Comments

You are very easy to love. I’m sorry they haven’t said sorry to you. I’m sorry they make things difficult. I’m sorry you’ve made their inability to love to mean something about you.

Please don’t. You, you see are beautiful.

It is their inability to love, not your inability to be lovable.

Non-reciprocal/toxic/narcissistic relationships have the power to drain you when you forget your power. When you forget your boundaries. And when you forget that you are, very, very easy to love.

You get to say who, why, where and when, every. single. time.

It’s not about you tip-toeing around them anymore. They will be unhappy regardless, because they are not willing to do their side of the relationship.

It’s about you staying connected to your power, to yourself and deciding how it’s going to be.

When you no longer make their reaction to mean something about you?

Like you’re undesirable, or you’re unlikeable, or you’ve done something wrong or you’ve upset them (again) or what you’re doing is just not good enough?

You stop being controlled by them.

You are free to hear yourself and act on it, putting you into your highest timeline that day.

You get to call in those souls who easily see you and love you easily and are yearning to have a reciprocal relationship with you.

You get to believe the ones who already do love you easily.

And you get to create a new narrative for yourself. That you are lovable. That you are desirable and that you are perfect just the way you are.

I’m sorry that someone in the past made you feel that you were the problem. That was just their fragile ego not wanting to take responsibility for their side of the relationship.

Your loyalty and love and goodwill need to be re-directed to those souls who are looking for you now.

The more you can step into being easy to love as your norm, the more you can celebrate how sweet and beautiful you are, the more you really do fall in love with all that you are, your good, your bad and your ugly and really love and accept yourself just the way you are? The more free you become.

And those that still seek to control you and have power over you? Will no longer be able to control you or have power over you.

Whether they’re in the room with you – or in your head.

Because once you own how lovable you really are? You’ll never question it again. (Just those who are around you.)

And, you won’t make the actions of others to mean anything anymore. And that is your true freedom, you beautiful, easy to love, pure soul.

You asked me last week if you could join my Shadow Alchemy Course to really do shadow work – and I listened!

And so if you’d like to dissolve the pain and transform yourself and situations with other people, so you stop leaking your energy out and become the fabulous powerhouse you were born to be, let me know!

I love you Goddesses and have created something truly special for you. Message me here and mention the Shadow Alchemy Course if you’d like the deets! Spaces limited. xx


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