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Meet Lynn who’d had Narcissistic Abuse for 64 Years

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What do you get from joining The Flourish Collective?

  1. You are flourishing! You are GLOWING! You are fully resourced. You know how to live well after Narcissistic Abuse and you are doing it!
  2. You’ve reset your relationships so you’re no longer the rescuer, over-doer and under-receiver. You are now responsible to people not for people. You know to transform blame, rejection, persecution and projection in relationships into pure GOLD.
  3. You’ve healed what happened and now your signature energy is available to you to create what you are here to create!
  4. You’ve loved being fully supported to move through your biggest challenges quicker than you would have done alone and without community. Your nervous system is relaxed and you receive this support joyfully and easily.
  5. You no longer feel like you used to, you are in your delicious power!
  6. You KNOW you always get what you want. You LIVE from this point.
  7. You trust yourself, relationships are now reciprocal, you no longer tolerate energy leaks, you know how to breakthrough to your next level of success quickly.
  8. You have strengthened your inner guidance system so you do make the right decision, multiple times a day, without overwhelm.
  9. You know how to ask for what you want and get it. From pay rises to moody teenagers and partners and team. You are now no longer just the supporter, you are the supported. Woohooo!
  10. You have released The Narcissistic Template® so you are not just doing what you came here to do, you are now receiving what you came here to receive. Your life and the relationship you have with yourself and others is rich, abundant, fun and fabulous!
  11. You KNOW what to do when stuff happens and can shift it in most cases in 10-20 minutes.
  12. Your feelings and fear no longer have power over you because you’ve made friends with them.
  13. You look better, you feel better, you have better relationships, you enjoy your life.
  14. You treat yourself like a Goddess instead of like a Narcissist, so you live like the Goddess you were born to be.

Goddess = Choosing to have a Divine relationship with yourself.

OO Goddess what would it feel like to normalise YOU being celebrated? (The ultimate FU to past narcissistic abuse!) 

What would it do for your nervous system to feel that it is safe for you to let real love in, that it is safe for you to be seen and heard?  

Imagine you have fallen in love with yourself just the way you are. You accept yourself…

Ahh… you have alchemised your dark, finally into the light. (Because you have fallen in love with your shadows.)

You are receiving love, support and nourishment in relationships because you are applying The Goddess Template® to your life.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten stuff, but if you’ve ever worked with me, you know you always get waaaaay more than I actually say!

Here’s what gorgeous Lynn had to say:

“I had suffered narcissist abuse for over 64 years. I had been trying to get better for over 47 years and had tried most therapies.

Within 8 weeks of private coaching with Marina, I’d stopped drinking completely. I’d lost a stone in those first 16 weeks. During my 9 months of coaching with her I realised my power: That no-one has the authority to take it. I healed the past and the Narcissistic abuse. I feel stronger, I’ve strengthened my boundaries and I believe in myself.

I freed myself from the daily self-sabotage that was stopping me from moving forward in life. I am gentler with myself and have certified as a healer and my website is now live! (Marina had been guiding me to see who I really was underneath all the layers.)

I reclaimed my happiness, danced naked and chose ME. I created safety in my body, wore dresses again and started going out to meet new people. And as I dissolved my depression my magic came back! Marina is amazing, high vibrational and always happy cheerful. I highly recommend her. My new life is here and I am so proud of myself!”

There are different participation levels in The Flourish Collective and you can pick the one that most suits you.

If you’d like to be really supported this year to break free of the bondage of narcissistic abuse and dance in your flourishing freedom…

Click here if you’re interested in flourishing with me!


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