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Meet Michele who 2X her business and met the love of her life in 12 months

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When Michele came to me, she had created a company worth $1M from the ground up. She was brilliant, beautiful and charismatic. But, this high-level CEO was being drained daily by her narcissistic husband, so it was hard to follow through on what she’d planned for the day. She couldn’t move her company as fast as she wanted it to go. She wanted to develop it, but didn’t have the energy or capacity.

With her husband for 9 years and married for 7, he was also derailing any chance she had to have a good relationship with her family and grown up children.

He also owed her thousands of dollars. Counselling hadn’t worked the whole time they’d been together. 

She was a very good giver but it was hard for her to receive. She said her ability to receive was 4/10.

By the time she came to me, she’d already filed for divorce 5 months earlier, but couldn’t get him to move out. Within 8 days of her first coaching session, we created a plan and he moved out. 

Over the course of a year we used every single thing that happened to her, to clear where she was blocking herself from rising. She built her energy and began receiving, easily! 

Within a month she was already hearing herself and trusting herself to make the right decisions; She stopped gaslighting herself. 

More of her thoughts and energy were now for her and she began rebuilding her company… She fired certain staff members who refused to have a reciprocal relationship with the company and let the right ones in. 

Clients started flooding in and in 12 months she 2X her business to $2M (and she is on the way to 3M this year.)

She was flourishing, her team were walking around happy, motivated and strong. She was serving her clients in the way she wanted to! 

We made it safe for her to receive love. 10 months after her first session with me, she met the love of her life. Ahhhh… x 

She’d vibrated all the takers out and healed the strained relationships in her family, let some friends go and also certain projects that were just no longer turning her on. The light came back into her eyes. She ate better, got fit and lost weight. She was loving being herself again. She was having fun. It was now safe for her to feel sexy and beautiful. She was doing things she’d been dreaming about for 10 years. 

And all this within a year. 

What’s possible for you?

Whether you’ve had narcissistic abuse, or have just been feeling beige instead of the full-on brilliant colour that you are, I would love to invite you to flourish with me.

It’s what I’ve been creating my entire professional life. A proven program to rise after narcissistic abuse, that isn’t just a roadmap, it’s a way of life where you feeling fully resourced will become your norm. 

What could you create with this kind of support?

If you’d like to break through the patterns that Narcissistic Abuse has left in your life and jump into flourishing freedom so you become the woman you are here to be?

Then I’d love to hear from you!

Click here if you’re interested in flourishing with me – in the Flourish Collective so you RISE after Narcissistic Abuse!


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