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The Day I Stopped Gaslighting Myself

By March 9, 2023March 23rd, 2023No Comments

A few years ago, I let out a big exhale… ahhhhh… no more confusion; my whole life suddenly made sense. The actions of particular people… that I’d made excuses for, for so long, were narcissistic. I felt a calm peace wash over me. No more gaslighting myself. 

The truth, though deeply painful, showed me why I was more often the supporter in life but not the supported. 

So this is why I have so many of these female friendships where it’s all about them but not about me! I thought. 

That’s why I feel so tired after most interactions!

That’s why it’s been safer to be a lone wolf, doing the hardest parts of my life alone.

This is why I am so hard on myself. I am like a narcissist to myself!

This is why it’s difficult for me to spend time on my dream projects without interrupting myself. I’d become so used to being interrupted by narcissists, that now I’d almost become a narcissist to myself, draining myself and stopping myself. 

Exhausting myself by giving my energy to everybody, instead of me and my dreams. Oh sure I looked like I was creating my dreams, but can you imagine what would have happened if I’d really backed myself instead of everybody else at my expense? 

I had weak boundaries, so would betray myself and my creative energy often by giving freely but rarely received what I needed back in those non-reciprocal relationships. 

It’s hard to flourish without emotional support, your full creative energy, and daily action.

In a nutshell, it’s hard to flourish when you’ve been derailed by narcissistic abuse.

Even if it happened many moons ago and you walked away, or you’re in some limited form of contact out of necessity…

… Experiencing past narcissistic relationships often forms a template around relationships, where you get used to giving but not receiving. It can be hard to trust again. 

And so I see so many beautiful women go it mostly alone, with not enough support from inside of themselves or outside of themselves. 

How do you flourish after narcissistic abuse? Knowing how to attract the right people to you is key. So you are loved and nourished by people who want to see you win. This is priceless! How would it feel to have this kind of love in your life? 

What would having real emotional transformation from narcissistic bondage to flourishing freedom do for you? And having the kind of daily emotional support so you keep moving forwards, taking delicious action DAILY that builds your dreams?

What would it be like to have your very own cheerleading team for the next year? 

Click here if you’re interested in flourishing with me – so you can really build your life – for the rest of your life!

You’ll receive classes, private sessions with me, and get to choose your Flourishing Method to flourish each month! It’s FUN, it’s fabulous and it’s powerful!

What would happen if you really flourished this year? How would you and your community benefit?


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