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Flourish after Narcissistic Abuse

By March 8, 2023March 23rd, 2023No Comments

I have created a brand new way of working with me! The doors are now open for The Flourish Collective, and you’re invited! 

I know you’re ready to FLY this year!

But how can you if:

You keep bumping up against the same problems?

You don’t want to hurt people, so betray your own boundaries, meaning your creative energy leaks out – you know – the one you rely on to create EVERYTHING with!

You gaslight yourself, so you say yes when you mean, NO! 

You support people at YOUR expense. You also make EXCUSES for them.

You invest in THEIR lives more than you invest in your own.

You ABSORB people’s feelings and moods so it’s hard for you to stay in your good energy and manifest quickly. 

You give but don’t receive.

You treat yourself like a narcissist would…

By that I mean you drain your energy constantly!

You can’t flourish when there is such an energy imbalance in the key relationships you are having.

Because without your own energy available to you? You can’t create what you want to create:

Like – nourishing relationships where you are celebrated, seen, heard, cherished and loved…

… and that support you NEED to SUCCEED.

Like – a loving relationship with yourself where you can’t help but flourish!

Like – a life free from narcissistic abuse.

Like people who support you fully so you MOVE into your BIG DREAMS quickly!

If you’ve experienced narcissistic abuse in your past?

Then you’ll be used to having even less energy to put towards your dreams!

Because, more of our energy is spent navigating the ups and downs of relationships and dealing with how we feel inside. 

Is this you?

  1. In relationships it’s still more about them than it is about you
  2. You are the supporter but not the supported in most relationships
  3. You lose energy to relationships and situations so easily; it’s hard to consistently create
  4. You feel far away from the old fabulous you and experience more Dry-Out than Turn-ON
  5. You’re on your own a lot, without the deep emotional support you need.

How do you RISE after narcissistic abuse? Many methods support you through the trauma but do not teach you how to fucking flourish after the most debilitating time in your life. Because what happened in the past? Will be impacting the way you do life now. 

It will be impacting how quickly you succeed, how easily you receive – your relationship with you – do you feel powerfully you most days? And how you do all relationships. 

If you’d like to drive off into the sunset tonight, with your name glowing in big neon lights up ahead, then I’m excited to sit next to you on this journey so you have FUN, feel fabulously IN your power, and are fully emotionally supported so you RISE consistently.

Click here if you’re interested in flourishing with me!


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