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You’re invited to Expansion Week!

By October 24, 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

I need to break out of where I am – into the expansion I know is waiting for me. The thought of staying put and continuing to plateau for another few months I think will kill me! I’m meant for much bigger things (as are you beautiful soul.)

To do that I cannot bring the old me with me, because where I’m going she can’t exist. That means my mornings need to change. My focus needs to deepen and sharpen and any story I’m telling myself as to why I can’t, I need to release. I need to release, heal and expand.

I’ve decided I want to do this together as a group so we can make expanding into our dreams powerful, supportive and fun for ourselves.

(Because God knows we need energy!) And as women, magic happens when we women get together! So… da da daaaaaaa….

You’re invited to Expansion Week!

Would you like to step into your untapped power and breakthrough to your next level of fabulous expansion?

If that’s a yes, I’d love to gift you a complimentary invite to my new set of Masterclasses which I’ll be holding for our upcoming Expansion Week!

Together we’re going to release the shadows that are holding you back, freeing you to move forward with some powerful (and well overdue) healing and self belief.

What expansion is calling your name?

I KNOW you are ready to expand and break through the narrative of self doubt, self sabotage and anywhere you’ve been feeling ‘vanilla’ instead of the powerful, vibrant full colour ENERGY you ARE!

So let’s make that happen for you, DAILY!

I’m talking about falling in love with your light shadows and owning your greatness… because it’s time for you to consistently SHINE!

I want you to release the old and, quite frankly, ridiculous story that you’ve been telling yourself… things such as:

“I can’t imagine it being easy!”
“I don’t think I can do it.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“Is it ever going to happen for me?”

If you are believing this, then how will you ever move forward and stand in your greatness?

We DESERVE to heal and breakthrough to the dreams that are waiting for us.

Staying put slowly drains us.

So, I am opening the doors to our FREE Expansion Week Masterclass Series which will be livestreamed through Facebook and Zoom and yes they’ll be a replay if you can’t make it live!

We’re going to do subconscious Shadow Alchemy, conscious Shadow Alchemy and power processes! 

This is an emotionally safe space for Goddesses to release, heal, and expand.

Want in? You can join us here. 

#replay again and again!! Thank you Marina! My confidence, light and strength came back!
– Harris

I LOVE you.
I SEE you.
LET’S DO THIS (together!)


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