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You Don’t Owe Anybody Anything!

By October 21, 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

You don’t owe anybody anything. Whether they are family, close friends or people you used to be so close with.

Your BODY is not responsible for their BODY. How could it be? You only have one body! Breathe into that truth. Each person has been given the resources they need to ascend.

Each person is responsible for their own ascension. If you’re used to over-functioning in relationships, transmuting for people, processing feelings for people that make them see where they’re at? To help them self-reflect? You deny them their own growth. And you deny yourself the attention you need.

Each of us needs to walk through that fire to reach our next level. When you do it for them? You hurt them. The most loving thing you can do for anybody is to allow them their own growth in their own time at their own speed… no matter how excruciatingly slow that might feel…

… no matter if they choose to repeat the same lesson through their life and not learn… that is their process and it is for us now to drop the heavy pull of wanting to do it for them.

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Take that energy that you used to spend on growing other people and grow you. Your dreams. Your energy, your robustness!

The next time you feel a pull to do something for somebody so they don’t have to, pause. Ask yourself: is this respectful to me? Is this me helping at my expense?

If I hurt myself to help you = it’s a No
If it lights me up to help you = it’s a Yes

Energy boundaries must be in place for you to fully grow yourself back to strength. These old contracts of doing it for others are broken. We’re in a new paradigm. And you are free.

Hurting yourself to help another is a program we no longer participate in.

What would happen if you put down your burdens and focussed on what would make you happy?

I call it The Goddess Template for a reason… when you treat yourself like a Goddess? You vibrate out what doesn’t, including your own old relationship with yourself.

I like to ask myself during an interaction, “What do I need?” So I hear myself as I hear you. That means I am much more likely to honour myself during a conversation and honour the equal energy exchange that is available to me in this interaction.

BTW sending you a massive fucking HUG for where you are right now! And KISS MWA!!

Here’s to us no longer being in relationships at our expense and investing in the one we are having with ourself right now so we feel pretty fucking fabulous!

Happy Friday Gorgeous!


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