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Darling, you’ve got this. If you’re tired, overwhelmed, and probably a bit fried… and you’ve been doing most of this week mostly on your own and you have things that you need to say, shoulders that need a rub and a beautiful body that needs to be hugged, cherished and loved…

… Not having time to feel how you feel and instead taking more action will make you… tired.

What if you say out loud how you’re really feeling?

Like now, to me?

Cause I’m all ears baby!

And what if I didn’t tell you, “not to worry it will get better” in ANY of my response?

Because me minimising, denying and going all positive on you, honestly? Will add to the blah.

Will add to the flatlining instead of adding to your lush gorgeous self!

When we deny or suppress how we feel with a “positive mindset” it can often leave us feeling desperate inside.

I don’t chase the light. I find the light in my dark.

That’s how I climb out of the pit quicker. It’s way more loving to me, my nervous system, my family and my career.

Because I’m not papering over the hurt or pain, I’m travelling to the core of it to alchemise it back into the light.

So I don’t have to, “think myself positive.” I just, “Am.”

And it doesn’t have to be painful, arduous or “work.” Cause you’ve already probably got a job already right?

That’s why I don’t call it Shadow Work. I call it Shadow Alchemy and it’s how I’ve been helping clients for 18 years climb out of where they are and into their fucking glorious power.

Shadow Alchemy is you falling in love with that feeling in you at a deep subconscious level so it has no power over you anymore and stops stopping you (like fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage) and instead turns it into a part of you that actually helps you rather than hinders you. So you use every dark part of you as your springboard. It’s a method I’ve honed over 18 years so it’s quick, you’ll release years in one single session.

Your shadow is any part of you that you are hiding from yourself or the world. That may be due to shame (I’m not good enough) or fear of believing that (I’m beautiful.) So you’ll project it outwards recognising it in everyone else, but never OWN it yourself. What we can’t own, owns us in conversations, relationships and our life’s purpose.

Shadow Alchemy will also alchemise that particular relationship that may be getting you down… it’s a powerful way to break painful dynamics, and it’s how I reclaim my confidence, power and sparkly lightness anywhere I’ve given it away to a particular situation.

It’s what’s given me consistent 5-figure launches, a love affair for life with my husband, Paul x and confidence that no matter what comes my way, I am bigger than it and will have my way with the world.

Anytime you want to feel good and you can’t, I’m going to suggest that you will find your light in amongst the dark.

It’s freeing, relaxing and the opposite of frazzled and overwhelmed.

Because your feelings, whether you like them or not are guiding you to your answer, now.

If you could stay connected to the feelings you don’t like to feel without jumping out… what act of kindness are they leading you to do for yourself? Is it the act of transformation, strength, self-love or do you need to receive? What decision are they leading you to?

When you know how to make friends with the feelings you don’t like, you’ll embody your higher self into your emotional body and you’ll no longer be at war inside of yourself. You’ll embody the peaceful, blissful, abundant you and she becomes your baseline that spreads into all aspects of your life.

PS – If you would like to heal the relationship you have with yourself I invite you to take a look at my Shadow Alchemy Course here.


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