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Who are you not to be Fabulous?

By May 18, 2022May 24th, 2022No Comments

Can I tell you how fabulous you are? And would you believe me? Or are you still projecting your brilliance and your fabulousness onto somebody else who you think has more than you?

It’s one thing to admire somebody but it’s another to believe that they have something that you do not.

You couldn’t recognise the brilliance in another if you had no counterpoint within yourself.

Who are you not be fabulous today?
Who are you not to believe in yourself?

When you OWN the light you recognise in others you will not longer emulate them. You will no longer feel inferior when you see them but you will shine your specific energetic frequency very strongly.

So you HOLD YOUR OWN. So you can call in and be with those you find inspiring and be on the same level as them without feeling embarrassed that your life is somehow smaller and you must hide still.

No. More. Hiding.
Breathe that in.

So, what are you brilliant at? Is it more energy healing? Do you run a spectacular service that is re-building our 5D Earth? Are you a coach, nature wizard, mumma, speaker, teacher, creator, visionary or light leader?

And what is your vision for yourself this year? If I could say anything to you now, it would be to go bigger. To expand this year in your impact and who you reach.

Your voice + how you say it = It’s never been heard before.

Your special energy is needed on our planet.


When we own our light shadows that we’ve been projecting onto others we stand TALL. We are happy to be SEEN, we do not contract when we receive attention, money, support or do better than others. We ROCK situations we are in because we know we can always have our way with the world!

And do you? Do you know you can have your way with the world? Do you know that you can wake up on purpose and on fire and do you know that on days that you just UH don’t?

… You can turn your tiredness, fuzziness, self-doubt, self-sabotage or painful dynamic within yourself or with another into your light, real energy and power… without denying or suppressing how you feel to “get on with your day?”

You deserve to become the power you were born to be and that’s exactly what you will be embodying on the Shadow Alchemy 8-Week Course: Your power.

… You’ll free yourself from self-sabotage, beating yourself up and thinking you’re not good enough … you’ll become the you, you used to be – the you, you remember the most fondly. HER. We will reclaim your light and them SOME!

You’ll receive a masterclass each week + Live coaching to integrate the subconscious and conscious Shadow Alchemy processes. You’ll get 1:1 coaching in a group setting, and on-the-spot coaching in our private FB group and there is a payment plan as I don’t want money getting in the way of you really expanding this year!

We have women from all over the world joining who are wanting to create an emotionally safe space to thrive in. And you’re invited. You can learn more here. Xx (I don’t do icky sales shit btw… if you request the info on my course, after having a read through, just let me know if you’re in or out, or have any questions, we always honour what is right for you here in my world.)

Who are you not be fabulous today?

BTW My 3 free masterclasses for you to expand beyond your shadows and own more of your light will really help you with this today… it’s the last day to watch them. You can watch them in my FB group here.


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