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Join me to heal your shadow!

By February 19, 2021February 24th, 2021No Comments

How has February been for you so far?

Knowing how to turn your pain and painful situations into happiness and peace is a gift you have.

I call it Shadow Alchemy.

In order to help you unwrap it, I’m running a 6-week Shadow Alchemy Intensive to learn how to do conscious shadow work and subconscious shadow work to heal your wounds, childhood trauma, triggers and free yourself from painful dynamics in your life.

Work with me and you will heal: Your childhood trauma, triggers, relationship patterns within yourself and with others and you will know what it feels like to feel happy and free.

You can check in out here.

Shadow Alchemy is the ability to heal your pain into peace so you are free. You have this power in you!

*The first 5 of you to join the intensive will receive a free 1 hr private session with me to clear yourself from self-sabotage! OO!

**And if you’re a past client of mine, you also receive 20% off!!

Plus I’m giving all of you 1 years access to my library of 100+ classes and masterclasses to really support you this year, including classes on how to be around negativity without absorbing it (for empaths) meditations and masterclasses on healing from narcissistic abuse.

You can find out more here.

I hope it’s YOU who gets the free session with me!
Huge love to you!
Oh and if anyone you know would benefit from this, please forward this newsletter to them.

To begin healing any pain in your life, express don’t suppress, otherwise it’s BS. Have you let your anger out in the last week? Have you cried or just moved plainly and simply as that emotion? This is conscious shadow work where you dare to feel your darker feelings and move to move them up and out of your body. If you haven’t yet – my podcast “Stop chasing the light” will help you and inspire you to let your lightness back in. You can find it here. 

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