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How to Rise above the Matrix + Create!

By February 3, 2021February 11th, 2021No Comments

How are you?! Up and down? Dowwwwn and Upppp??? Weird innit? This ascension thing can mean one day we are on fire creating and the next we’re down and depressed. It. Is. Normal.

Why? Because as Elizabeth April says, ascension means we move through the 4D to rise up to the 5D and back through 4D to get to 3D. It’s a little up down dance most us are doing daily, weekly or monthly depending on how fast or slow you’re bumping up and down.

The 4D realm holds light beings and dark beings both meant to initiate us into our power. We need to be able to handle both the light and the dark to ascend. So this takes practice to keep our light through the bumpy patches where we might be moving through 4D more often. “Hiya 4DDDDD…. just passing throuuuugh!” (Dissolving the Dark is a podcast I highly recommend, you can listen to it here.)

The guidance I keep getting is to hold steady. It can feel tiring when the outside world isn’t waking up quickly enough. But the world IS following us.

My higher self meditation (for subscribers only) is keeping me stabilised. Get immediate access by subscribing below this newsletter.

Remember, energy shifts first, then the physical shifts. Exactly like illness in the body – illness doesn’t start on the physical – it starts on the mental, spiritual or emotional level first and then it becomes physical because the body just follows suit.

Remember that because you HAVE changed your energy and are continuing to do so – so the world IS following suit. We just haven’t seen it yet. This IS what manifesting IS. You keep on going when there is no external proof. And then poof! It happens. You created it when there was no external proof. That’s how you create something new!

This IS how we are birthing the new world. There is no external proof – just yet but we have to keep going. This is where the more seasoned light warriors KNOW to keep going and if you’re newer at this, keep believing your inner world more than the outer world in order to create.

Remember too that we are at the end of the year (until March 20th) so we will begin to see the new beginning and really see the old crumbling from March 21st. So the guidance I keep getting is to hold steady.  How are you with the word, patience? Haha I’m terrible!

One of the ways to hold a high vibration is to transmute the dark into light. Have you listened to my free emotional health masterclass yet? It will turn your moods and feelings back into supportive love for you. You can get it by subscribing below in the pink box. xx

You came to this planet to experience physical creation. That’s why we are here. So anything that takes you away from that needs to be dropped like a hot potato!

If you’re finding yourself unable to create? This weeks’ podcast is to help you undo that. Here are my 5 go-to’s to rise above the matrix + create!

  1. Responding instead of reacting to the world means your creative energy does not leak out in the outside world and around certain people.
  2. How unhooking yourself from global narcissistic abuse is a must. We thrive by focussing on our growth, not fearing their growth.
  3. Win the internal war and we win the external war. Have you made friends with the shadow that’s pulling you out of creation? (Stay tuned for my new shadow work intensive coming soooon!)
  4. Build yourself up buttercup! You need energy to create! Are you consuming or are you creating?
  5. What does humanity need? Questions to activate your creativity.

I talk to you about each of these points so you can really thrive and rise during this time. Listen to this podcast anytime you need to unhook from the matrix – and share with anyone in your life who is getting sidetracked by the chaos.

Ep.20 How to Rise above the Matrix + Create! is also available on Spotify and Apple

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MWA! You are amazing! Keep going!!


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