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Discernment V Confusion

By January 13, 2021January 28th, 2021No Comments

Hello beautiful – how are you going?

A lot of information is coming at us from the truther community and mainstream media right now – question is – how do you discern what is truth and what is untrue? Discernment is a skill we need this year more than ever before and I’m strengthening mine.

Being taught to believe in authority is a program. Do you give your authority away so easily to someone who “knows?” Or do you discern what is right and what is wrong for you, each step of the way?

On today’s podcast we focus on strengthening your discernment and I also cover what I see unfolding over the next few years… but either way – your discernment will tell you whether that’s true for you or not!

So we’re grooving with these subjects today:

  • How to discern between real light and false light.
  • Cognitive dissonance, gaslighting, global narcissism.
  • Discernment will look different for those in 3D to those in 5D.
  • Discernment isn’t mind over matter, it’s feelings over matter.
  • Having your attention hijacked by the outside world cuts your creativity in half.
  • How to strengthen your discernment muscle so you can navigate your highest timeline this year.

Have you ever excitedly clicked on a video only to find the persons words didn’t match their energy and instead they felt hollow to you?

This is your inner guidance system – your discernment saying, “hmmmm, something’s ‘off.’ ”  Don’t talk yourself out of how you feel – ever! Your feelings are in you for a reason – to guide you to what is right and what is wrong for you.

When you watch the news from your TV or from truthers – does the person talking empower or disempower you with their delivery? I can hear “bad news” in a way that still empowers me if the person delivering it cares about me.

Does this strengthen me or weaken me? I think as I watch something. My vibration is too precious to have anything bring it down.

Are they telling me what to think or are they relaying information for me to make up my own mind on what is the truth and untruth in this situation?

Our education system has taught us mostly to believe what the teacher or book says (authority) not what our inner truth says.

Revising to regurgitate the facts is what was taught to pass exams, at the expense of real critical thinking. The same critical thinking that is so needed now when ‘authority’ is throwing facts at us. Do they feel true to you? Or are some of them simply not adding up?

You can listen to The Turn Yourself On Podcast Ep.17 Discernment V Confusion now on Spotify and Apple to strengthen your discernment muscle. Hit the subscribe button if you’d like to be notified when the latest episode pops.

By the way, I’ve just joined Gab and MeWe and The Soul Matrix social media sites. I’ve added the links in for each so you can find me if you’d like to stay connected – I’m expanding into sites that believe in free speech.

Be good to you,
And remember – the light is rising despite outward appearances – keep the faith!


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