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Open up the Akashic to open up your Abundance

By December 2, 2020January 29th, 2021No Comments

I love opening up the Akashic Records to open up my abundance. This tool is available to us all.

This is the topic of today’s podcast as I so want to support you in growing your abundance during these times.

I’ve used the Akashic records for years to download the next course that I want to run, to work with a master on finding a solution to my health (for example) or to clear business and money blocks. I access it through meditation.

The Akashic Records or “Akash” as I like to call it, is like a big library that holds all information; past, present and future on you and on all the information that you could ever want on subjects. I know many of you regularly work with the Akash but if you’re new to it or think I must be talking gobledeegook? Opening up the Akash to open up our answers, is one of the biggest powers that we were never taught about at school.

Opening up the Akash to open up your abundance during these times will give you the news that you really need to hear – that’s all about you and your next steps!

My guest this week is Jennifer Longmore who is a leading authority on the Akashic Records and has trained 1000’s of incredible souls in over 100 countries.  When she’s not helping light workers expand their business to reach more people, she is creating essential oil blends with her son, hiking with her pup, or taking crazy adventures with her husband.  You can learn more about how she can support you here.

On the podcast Jennifer said: “Money is just a healer and business is just a healer – they’re just neutral energies. It’s just ‘consciousness.’ Money only becomes whatever we project onto it. So part of our journey with money is learning to extract the illusions that we’ve knowingly or unknowingly projected onto it. When we neutralise the energy then we’re free to create with it what we choose.” 

See you on today’s episode, it’s called:

Ep.10 Open up the Akashic to Open up your Abundance.

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My hope is that it supports you to open up and expand during these times, rather than close up and contract.

What story are you carrying about money right now?  If it’s anything but, money is my best friend? It’s might be time to finally heal your relationship with money. Jennifer also shares her free gift with you on the podcast.

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