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Are you Finding it Hard to Extend Yourself?

By November 27, 2020No Comments

Are you finding it hard to extend yourself? Our capacity for carrying others has been cut in half. We are no longer able to carry another. It will feel wrong and tire you if you do – have you noticed that? You may be feeling at half-mast, like your powers to help another have halved… but really we are doing what’s been asked of us: to carry ourselves up and no-one else.

What does this look like?

  • It means we are each responsible for our ascension.
  • It means you are not entitled to me, my attention or my energy.
  • It means I am no longer available for dumps and runs (where you dump your emotions/problems on me without any thought to how I may be feeling before you do it.) Asking me first is the only way you stay in my inner circle of friends.
  • It means I cannot extend beyond myself very much. New for me and the over-giver in me is relieved.
  • It means I get to focus almost solely on the soul lessons I didn’t have capacity for before (because I was carrying others.)
  • It means I’ve pulled out of relationships that only work when I do my side and their side of the relationship.

So many light workers are realising that their focus must be on what they haven’t managed to master yet – the base chakra: manifesting relationships, money, body health and communities that make them glow.

Focus on this mastery. If you’ve mastered other things in life, so too, will you do this. You know you will.

Next week my podcast is on the Akashic Records and money. Until then enjoy listening to them here – I record them to ignite a remembering in you – to remember the power that you ARE. You have THIS power to create what you want now.

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You are made of all the stars in this Universe. Remember this and the power that you are.


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