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If it makes you tired? It’s an energy grab.

By November 25, 2020January 29th, 2021No Comments

Who do you find it draining to be around? Your family? Certain friends? Neighbours? Clients? Everything is energy and todays podcast is about how to keep yours when somebody wants it! Todays guest is the wonderful Fabienne Hebrard who I happen to work with!

Fabienne Hebrard is a DJ, presenter, branding & creative strategist. She’s worked in the fashion industry for 10 years with brands such as Stella McCartney, YSL, L’Oreal and LVMH and with start ups (her new website is coming soon!) You can follow her on Instagram here.

Bottom line is –

If it brings you away from yourself?
It’s an energy grab.

What can bring you away from yourself?

Scrolling through social media, watching TV and films, people constantly bringing you back during a conversation to their story/problems/lives/drama and school would be a few examples.

I’ve had many energy grabbers in my life. Those that come at me under the guise that it’s really for me when it’s really for them.

Everything is energy. Therefore if we look at energy as a commodity, everyone wants it. Are you going to get it from me? Or are you rich enough in self-generation that you’ll generate it yourself?

You are not entitled to my time or energy. My energy is for my body. I only have one body. I am not meant to give my energy away to; Every. Body.

That’s the 3D illusion we are all here to break.

If it brings me away from myself?
It’s an energy grab.

The 3D world wants to grab your energy to fuel itself. It needs you. Without you, there is no Hollywood, no media. Without your over-giving, some relationships die.

Where are you trying to get energy from?
From a secondary source?
Or, from Source? 

You don’t have to dance on the same dance floor as these energy drainers anymore.

For example: I would say that 95% of FB messages are energy grabs. People wanting to share what they’re up to without checking in to see how you are and what you’re needing. Ever noticed that?

If it makes you tired? It’s an energy grab.

I always ask myself: Are you coming at me for me? Or are you coming at me for you?

Big difference. HUGE.

If we’re in a reciprocal relationship, what does it matter?

But if we’re not?

It frees me from giving my energy to you. Because really all I’m doing? Is stopping you from generating your own, and I love you too much to participate in your game any longer.

The paradox is, that the reason you’re attracted to me, isn’t just because of my sparkling personality! Haha! You’re actually attracted to how powerfully connected I am to my own particular “me” energy and how powerfully I emit that. You’re attracted to me being fully me. Not actually, me. It’s actually a game changer when you get this. (We talk about this in the podcast.)

When you realise this whole time you were just looking for another version of you in the form of a friend for example? You stop looking and start connecting fully to you so you fully feel your own energy.

Your own energy is always the one you’ll enjoy feeling the most!

Come join our chat and get re-energised on todays podcast – Stop Dancing with the Energy Drainers!

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That old dance floor was playing crappy music anyway!

And if you’re guilty of being the biggest energy grabber towards yourself? Draining yourself by working against yourself? It’s OK. Can you forgive yourself? Awareness is 50% of healing this. Book in for some 1:1 sessions with me to undo that – it’s just programming that we all had as children from parents that had it too. You can enquire here. 


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